October 03, 2018


Should You Use Routines?

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Everyone on the planet uses routines. Even naturals. Even your dad. Uncle Craig's story he tells every Christmas about his fishing trip to Alaska is a routine. The way you instinctively answer "guess" when a woman asks how old you are is a routine.

A routine is anything you can say or do repeatedly in conversation to get a specific result. In the context of Love Systems, we're talking about things that related to attracting beautiful women.

Well before we started building Love Systems, I noticed that when I told a story about one of my travel adventures in Syria, that women would start to become more interested. So I'd roll that story out when appropriate. It was a routine, way before I've heard of the concept.

If you've never repeated something you've said or done before, for the purpose of attracting women, then you've never used a routine. Everyone else has. 

Now that that's out of the way...

When people say "natural game" or "get rid of routines" what they really mean (or should mean) is get rid of the mindless parroting of word-for-word material with which you are not congruent and that doesn't flow with the rest of the conversation, other routines you are using, the environment, and so on. 

And of course, they're right. It's also no different from what we've said all along.

That's why the Love Systems Routines Manual goes to a lot of effort to explain how to use routines and how to make your own, as well as giving a couple hundred routines along with an explanation of when and how to use each one (and when not to use them). And of course the better you get with women, the less you have to think about what to say next, and the more it comes "naturally". But there's no magic pill that lets you skip that stage, just like I can't tell Joe Blow to "be natural" on the basketball court, not practice, and he'll be Michael Jordan.

So where does "no routines" and "natural game" come from?

It's a false dichotomy. It's artificial. And - I'll give you the inside scoop here - it's marketing.

You'll notice that the idea originally comes from competitors who are threatened by the current "flight to quality". As others lose traffic, clients, exposure and relevance to Love Systems, this is how they've been defending themselves. It's a legit tactic, and I admit it's had some (but limited) success. But it's got nothing to do with actually attracting beautiful women.

In fact it's as artificial as the debates 3 years ago between "direct" and "indirect".

Use common sense, use real-life experiences as your guide, test everything, and you'll be just fine. Don't be distracted by semantic arguments over nothing.


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