July 21, 2016


Personal, Practical, Innovative and Inspiring (A video preview of Super Conference)

We just released a new 4 video Super Conference preview. The theme of the videos is Personal, Practical, Innovative and Inspiring

Here's the story behind them. 

The team and I spent the past week with our business coach (yes, we have a business coach) on the plan for Love Systems for the next few years. We thought a lot about our values, our mission, and how we want to help our customers over the next few years.

And we focused down on four words. 

Personal, Practical, Innovative and Inspirational.

That’s what Super Conference is all about, and that's what we're focusing on this year more than anything. 

Let me explain why:

Personal, because let’s be honest, everybody has different issues in dating and you can’t just give one-sized-fits all dating advice to everyone (other guys try, and it doesn’t work). 

Practical, because advice like “just be confident” and “just be yourself’ is useless and can be found anywhere. People come to Love Systems because they want a better answer than that. They want solutions they can use today. They want techniques and strategies that really solve their problems rather than crappy “advice’ that just makes them feel bad for having problems in the first place.

Innovative, because we’re not about teaching boring old PUA techniques from 2006, but we’re actually bringing in the best knowledge from various fields like psychology, drama, philosophy and the arts and applying that know-how to help men with their dating lives.

And inspiring, because that’s how you get people to take action. I don’t think it’s any secret that all the best advice in the world, whether it’s for business, fitness or dating, is useless unless you TAKE ACTION. That’s why everything we teach is meant to not just educate you, but to drive you to take action with your new knowledge. That’s why I have a business coach visiting my office, instead of just buying a pile of business books. And it’s why Love Systems coaches have such an incredible track record of creating change in their students. They inspire their students to take action.

After putting that slogan together, we went through our archives from previous Super Conferences, and put together a sample of some of the moments from Super Conference that really expressed those qualities. So we picked a personal video, a practical video, an innovative video and an inspirational one.

And we’re working on creating more content just like this. Right now all the Love Systems instructors are working on their presentations, and working to make sure that Super Conference 2016 is going to be even more Personal, Practical, Innovative and Inspiring than ever before.

Click here for the 4 video Super Conference Preview

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Derek Comeau


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