October 02, 2018


Natural Game

Being "naturally" successful with women is the destination, not the process. It's not a learning tool. If I tell you to "be natural" so you pick up women, that's saying "go be a millionaire" in order to get rich. Yes, sure, but how do we do that?

It's all about your habits and instincts. Some people have them "naturally" (most likely, they absorbed them from older brothers, male role models, etc.). Other have to learn them. I'm someone who had to learn them. 

It's like learning a language. If you're a native speaker, you don't think about any of the rules of grammar. When is the last time you cared what a gerund or a past participle was? These are English grammatical terms, and if you were trying to learn English, you would need to know what those are. But if you are a fluent English speaker, you don't think of those things. It's all "natural" (i.e., you have the right habits and instincts for how to communicate in English).

Now let's say we're all learning Hungarian. I don't know how to communicate in Hungarian, so in addition to learning vocabulary (routines), I learn the grammar. Grammar is just where all of the words go and what meaning they have. For an example of the importance of grammar, think of the difference between "I helped my uncle, Jack, off his horse" and "I helped my uncle jack off his horse".

The grammar of the language of seducing beautiful women is the Triad Model, and all the structure in Magic Bullets. 

Naturals don't need it. And guys who have learned it and understand it really well, understand it intuitively now, break the rules constantly. I don't follow strict Magic Bullets every time. Just like I don't follow strict rules of English grammar when I write. Sometimes because I do it for effect -- the English language is a tool in my hands that I am comfortable with and use to my own ends. Just like the language of seducing beautiful women.

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