November 04, 2016

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Introducing Charisma Decoded - The New Online Intensive Course from Love Systems

Unleash your inner charismatic self.

One of the things I really love about Love Systems is that we really change lives. It’s incredible to see the transformation that men go through in our programs, when they really decide to devote focused effort to improving their dating lives.

But there’s always been a problem - if you really want to experience that kind of change, you either have to spend months (or years) practicing by yourself, or come out to a live training event like a Bootcamp - and that means taking time off work, travelling and spending thousands of dollars.

Before today, that is.

Today, we are opening up registrations for Charisma Decoded - a new online intensive course from Love Systems. This course is the first and only of it’s kind and represents a revolutionary new approach to teaching charisma and dating skills to men around the world.

Click here for the Charisma Decoded Website

Charisma Decoded was inspired by talking to thousands of men around the world, to understand their frustrations, their problems and their hopes and dreams. We met these men in person as students in our bootcamps, and interacted with them online, sending out surveys and engaging them on forums, social media and blogs.

From this research, we realized that there were a huge number of men out there who were looking for intelligent answers to their dating problems, but they had trouble finding advice that was really applicable to them. They weren’t interested in silly, immature “PUA” techniques, or going out to clubs night after night to meet women. In fact, they didn’t really want to “pick up” at all - they just wanted to meet and connect with awesome women, in an effortless and natural way.

They didn’t want a “pick-up system” - they wanted charisma. A simple way of interacting with women that made attraction come easily and naturally. So we started to work on breaking charisma down, and figuring out how we could teach the elements of charisma to anyone.

They also didn’t want to go out picking up women night after night - they were interested in quality not quantity. They wanted to know how to connect with the right kind of woman - not just any woman at a bar. They recognized that a lot of “game” techniques might work on women at a bar, but they weren’t effective with the sort of high-quality women that they were interested in.

These guys also realized that change doesn’t happen in a day - or a weekend - and so they wanted a program that was ongoing, that enabled them to build their skills over time.

And finally, these guys were busy. They didn’t have the time to fly around the world taking live training programs - they wanted to get their problems fixed as quickly as possible, on their own schedule.

So we decided to give them EXACTLY what they wanted.

Click here for the Charisma Decoded Website

With this course, we are taking back the lead in our industry, and providing a training program that was more comprehensive, more advanced and most of all more effective than anything else on the market.

This is not a series of videos you watch passively. This is a journey that you will share with a select group of other classmates. There will be exercises and discussions and group interactions with a class of men who go through this program together. You will make friends, and new connections around the world. And most importantly - you're going to learn and grow into a better, more charismatic version of yourself.

When Chris Shepherd and I took over Love Systems six months ago, people asked me “What do you want to do with Love Systems? What is your plan?” and I told them:

“We’re going to change as many lives as possible”

Click here for the Charisma Decoded Website

I hope to see you in class!


Derek Cajun

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Cajun LS
Cajun LS


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James Williams
James Williams

April 03, 2017

Hi, long time customer, watched the webinar on Friday, worked the weekend and was just about to sign up for the charisma decode 22 day course $399 and now can seem to find it. Thanks

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