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How to Start Dating in A New City

How to date in a new city


How to Start Dating in A New City

Moving to a new city or rebuilding your social life in your current city can seem like a daunting task. Few things are tougher than the prospect of starting from ground zero. Moreover, depending on where you are, while your new city may be busy and seemingly bursting with opportunity, it might seem difficult to align yourself into the slipstream of the social flow.

The aims of this document are to aid you in your endeavor of building or re-building your social life from ground zero, while incorporating the principles from the Social Circle Mastery Home Study product. We will explore many of the initial steps you will take if you are moving to a new city or hitting the restart button in your current city.

You will be provided with 10 tasks, which gradually get more difficult, to help you pave your way to social circle mastery. Depending on your current social situation, and whether you’re moving to a new city or rebuilding life in your current one, some of these tasks may already be accomplished. Nonetheless, the tasks serve as a great way to evaluate where you currently stand. One Bite at a Time When tackling a new conquest, people often have the urge to take it all down at once. However, as the saying goes, “the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.” Like anything else, building a social circle takes time. More than anything though, it helps to start small and work your way up. Essentially, you want to build upon goals, which get bigger in scope the farther you progress.

So, while your ultimate goal may be to personally know the owner of every trendy night club and bar in town, work on getting to know the door people first. It’s good to have large goals, but don’t let them clout the importance of the smaller tasks at hand. When you take care of the basics, you’d be surprised how many of the big goals accomplish themselves. Have Fun!

It is important to view the process of building your social circle as a fun process. As we teach with cold-approach, the second anything seems like a chore, your results will suffer. You should embrace the idea that you are on your path to bettering your life and bettering the lives of those you choose to bring into your social network. If all else fails, keep in mind that the rewards really are worth it. Few things are more rewarding than having built a life where you are surrounded by high-caliber people who care about you.

That said, if you’re starting from scratch, it will take significant work to get to that point. You’ll find though, that while it might be difficult in the beginning, as you start to gain momentum, your social life will begin to compound upon itself. Past a point, when all the foundations are established, new, high-quality people will naturally seem to flow into your life. That is the goal, so keep your eyes on the prize, and let’s get started!

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Task 1: Get to know the Neighborhood

Whether you live in a big city or suburbia, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with a group of places near your residence. While you may not necessarily be going out on a Friday night with Lou from the neighborhood bakery, familiarizing yourself with the local businesses does a number of things for you.


Task 2: Develop a Social Routine

Get involved in your community in terms of living an active lifestyle and seeking out things to do. It still surprises me how many people spend a majority of their free time at home. When you’re starting out, your home should primarily be a place of rest, not where you lounge around all day “relaxing.” With a little effort, you’d be surprised at how much you can discover to do in your hometown (even if you live in suburbia).


Task 3: Strength in Numbers

While your journey to building your social circle may start solo, you will invariably need to find a core group of friends, or a “social tree,” that you can call your own. Essentially, your social tree should include you and a few other like-minded individuals with similar goals and social aspirations.


Task 4: Setting Ground Rules

One of the biggest benefits from starting a social tree from ground zero, besides being on equal footing with everyone in it, is having the opportunity to develop a set of ground rules. The ground rules and pre-framing that is setup from the start will go a long way in ensuring the sustainability and longevity of your social tree. The most common way for a social tree to implode is when small pet peeves and annoyances build up over time and reach a boiling point.


Task 5: Fall into the LJBF Zone a Few Times

When you’re starting out, you should realize the importance and opportunity that comes with falling into the let’s just be friends (LJBF) zone. While it might be irritating if you have been pursuing a particular girl for a period of time, or if you’re out on a cold-approach crusade but falling into the LJBF zone is not always a bad thing.


Task 6: Create a Prized Venue

As you start going out more, you’ll want to take time to invest in building a couple prized venues. A prized venue is a place where you have been to regularly and know a majority of the working staff. Prized venues serve a number of purposes, and in a social circle mastery context, have the capability of making it much easier to meet new people. Ideally, you will want to setup two types of prized venues; one where you go to meet new people, and another where you bring girls to for dates.


Task 7: Setting up your Pad As you develop your social circle

You will inevitably start having friends over. Your home, whether you like it or not, is an extension and reflection of who you are.


Task 8: Host Events

Once you get the ball rolling on laying the foundations for your social tree, it’s a good idea to start integrating yourself as a focal point in your developing social circle. The best way to do this is through hosting events either by using your place as a hub, or by initiating outings with your friends.


Task 9: Filling your Social Parking Lot

In Social Circle Mastery, there is the concept of a social parking lot. A social parking lot is the metaphorical space where friends whom you no longer contact as frequently are “parked.” If you think through your past, you undoubtedly have friends you have parked in your social parking lot over the course of your life.


Task 10: Explore Merger Possibilities

Once you have made decent headway in establishing your core social tree, you should begin looking into branching out and making connections with other social trees. You will find that once you have a core group of cool friends, other trees, which may have been inaccessible in the past, have suddenly become merger possibilities.


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