October 24, 2016


Halloween: Tips for making the most of it


You’re going out for Halloween right? If you answered no, I would rethink that decision. Why?

Because it’s a HUGE opportunity for meeting women.

There are a number of advantages that Halloween brings that makes it one of the best holidays of the year to go out, the most important being that there are loads of parties to attend, and an endless amount of attractive women dressed to the nines to talk to.

So, with that in mind let’s go over my top tips for making this Halloween one you’ll remember:

1. Start planning early:

You should already have an idea of which party you’re going to go to, and what your costume is going to be by now. If not, that’s ok I’ll give you some help for that in a bit, but make sure you start early next year. Keep your ear to the ground on social media, many bars and venues have Halloween themed events and you want to make sure you’re attending the right one and have a ticket before they’re sold out. Start early!


2. Pick a good costume:

This is a big one, so let’s break it down:

If you’re going out with a group sometimes it works to have a theme to all of your costumes. This can build some social value and get you easy attention from other groups, for example the magnificent 7, Olympic swimming team, or the Avengers.

Try to get a costume that has some sort of masculine or attractive quality to it, and that women will recognize. Don’t just go for a gag costume. Women use halloween as an excuse to go a bit nuts with their sexuality, and so should you if possible. Things like cowboys, doctors, and male strippers are easy examples that you can pick up today and will work fine in a pinch, but they don’t stand out too much.

Try costumes like Mad Max, Jon Snow, Indiana Jones, and Starlord (From Guardians of the Galaxy). Avoid costumes that you think are cool but women wouldn’t necessarily get, like Geralt of Rivia or some obscure anime character you like. You should also avoid costumes that hide your face completely, so deadpool may not be a good option.

Put a lot of work into your costume, don’t just buy a pre-made one from amazon if you can help it. Go to thrift stores and try to get the details right. It makes a difference when everyone is dressed up, you’ll stand out and get more women talking to you.


3. Role-play: One of the reasons women love dressing up for Halloween is because they get to “Role play” to a certain extent as their costume. The boundary of what they would be willing to do in a social situation gets opened up because of this.

Obvious and open flirting is much more acceptable when they’re not really portraying themselves. So, don’t be afraid to use roleplaying as a way to get a conversation more interesting.

If you’re dressed as a character who’s known to be a bit more forward with women, then you should act it. If she’s dressed as someone who your character would find attractive then you should tell her that.

Marry women, tell them they’re your girlfriend for the night, hire them to protect you, there’s plenty here to work with. Role plays are a pretty involved subject, check out our recent Smooth talker special (currently 60% off) for tons of information about them.


4. Have fun! Remember that Halloween more than anything is all about having a good time. Introduce yourself to people as your character for an easy opener. Feign having an existing relationship if her costume is connected to yours in some way, mingle and get to know everyone.

Remember: When socialising with others, you’re not putting on a show for them. It’s the other way around. Find a good show.

Until next time,

~Derek Cajun

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