March 05, 2018


Get Good With Women Fast

Get Good With Women Fast


Love Systems instructor Vercetti teaches clients how to get good with women fast.

A common question I’m asked is “How long did it take you to get good with women?” And while I'm unable to give a precise answer I am aware of the tools I used to get good quickly. I went through many frustrating nights coming home virtually in tears of frustration but it’s what I did in those moments that enabled me to take major steps and overcome my sticking points.

One of the most useful tools I’ve used to accelerate my learning is Creative Visualization.

In Maxwell Maltz’ book Psycho Cybernetics – which I highly recommend - He basically talks about the use of Visualization to modify and improve your Self Image; it’s extremely powerful.

Preparative Visualisation - The Ideal Image

• Create a vivid motion picture of you or someone who is awesome with women, excelling in a situation you are struggling with.

I did this prior to going out to incorporate things like High Value Sub-Communications, physical and sexual escalation and pretty much any characteristics that were eluding me.

For example: You may have seen the YouTube video of Soul and I on the Lovesystems’ Channel; that was about a year and a half ago. I had asked Soul to teach me everything he knew about Daygame and to push me to the limit, I was shitting myself! I had been a Jedi in “High End Club Game” for about 2 years prior to that and the thought of “crossing over” actually made me very anxious. In order to make my transition smoother and create a Self Image that contained characteristics of a man who meets women anywhere, I had to “See” myself doing well at Day Game, doing approaches and create an internal blueprint to guide me in the real world.

Action Step 1. Third Person – Watch the Experts in Action

• Find a couple of “Mentors” are great in Social Interactions
• Watch them, take note of all aspects of their interactions.
• Find a location where you can relax, completely uninterrupted and go into semi supine position (see below)

Get Good With Women Fast



  • Re-run the interactions of your mentors again paying attention to all the details
    • Run an interaction this time watching yourself doing exactly what your mentor did.

    Example: I’d watch what Soul his Daygame interactions, I’d take note of EVERYTHING, how he stopped her walking, his Sub-Communications, the Words he used, how he Escalated the interaction and displayed Value etc. Then I replayed it later in my mind this time substituting Soul for Vercetti. I did this several times until I had a clear understanding of what a good, solid set looked like and more importantly, what I looked like doing a “perfect” set. I then started to throw hurdles into the interactions, like her friends or high resistance from the woman.

    Action Step 2. First Person – Become the Expert

    • Re-run the interactions, this time from a “first person” perspective: See everything through your eyes instead of standing outside of yourself and observing.
    • Make the movie simulating: Make it a complete sensory experience, engage as many of your senses as you can. Note what you See, hear, smell etc.

    I created such vivid imagery that I’d actually have physical responses to the mental stimuli. That hot brunette actually made my heart beat that little bit faster, as I closed the distance and increased my sexual intent I could feel the sexual charge in my body.

    I visualized myself doing approaches, adjusting my Body Posture and working on my Body Language, the way I Moved and Walked, the way I Spoke and what was going through my head at the time. I included as many of my senses as possible to create an experience as close to real life as possible. The power of the imagination never fails to amaze me.

    With good relaxation you can actually create images so stimulating that you’re also able to isolate your Negative Beliefs. One of my scenarios was stopping a woman on crowded oxford street in London, as the movie went on, I could hear my old negative thoughts “Everyone is going to be watching me”, “she’s going to think I’m trying to sell her something”. From there I was able to create and upload new empowering beliefs and work on eliminating the old ones.



Nothing happens without action and the visualizations, although extremely powerful, are not substitutions for ACTUALLY meeting women and getting your hands dirty.

Corrective Visualizations – Correcting Course

• Learn from your good and bad experiences, never make the same mistake twice

These are EXTREMELY important, in my opinion more important than the first type. They are used at the end of the day having been out interacting and gaining reference experiences.

Action Steps

• Get into Semi Supine
• Rerun all of your interactions for that day (or choose the most significant ones)
• Take note of all the good stuff you did first, the things that were effective, what was awesome about you, your vibe, your Sub Communications etc
• When you get to points where the interaction stalled out, creatively resolve the sticking point.

if you can’t resolve it, ask a wing what they would’ve done. I can recall a number of times in the past where Mr. M and I would talk in the morning after a wild night out and analyze interactions, overcome sticking points and correct course for success next time.

• Replay the whole set in the ideal way, smooth, no glitches, overcoming the obstacles and tests and moving past the point where you stalled out last time.
• Repeat this process on all your sets. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you begin to improve because using mental rehearsal triggers the same neurological responses as actually doing real life rehearsal...However holding a woman in your mind and in real life are worlds apart.


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