May 31, 2017


Date Night Ideas

 Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

Ever been stumped for what to do on date night? Don’t worry Love Systems has your back…

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while, and you’re looking to re-ignite the flame. Or you’re about to head out on your first date, I’m going to give you the recipe for a fun night out.

It comes down to two questions:

1.what are you going to do?

2.Where are you going to go?

If you read How to Ask a Girl Out, then you know not make really serious formal plans for the first date night….

But making half-assed plans is just as bad as making formal plans. Hinting at something you’d like to do or "should do some time," is a recipe for disaster, and she’s just as likely to flake on you as if you make ceremonial plans.

So what should you do for date night?

You want to suggest something that strikes a balance between casual and intimate. Here are a couple guidelines to think of when you’re brainstorming date night ideas…

  • Think of something that will highlight your interests, hobbies, or one of your better qualities.
  • Think of ideas that are inexpensive. Not because you're cheap, but because it sets a relaxed and casual precedent.
  • Think of an event or venue where conversation isn’t the only focus but it can easily happen.

Here’s 9 ideas for your next date night:

  • Visit an art gallery or a museum that interests you both.
  • Cook for her at your place.
  • Take her Window-shopping at the mall or a popular shopping area. Bonus: Go window-shopping at IKEA.
  • Go to the beach, or rent bikes and go through the park.
  • Check out a cool part of the city that you don’t explore very often.
  • Grab a coffee or a drink at a new cafe.
  • Go to a Baseball game.
  • Grab an ice cream or fro-yo.
  • Shoot some pool or play ping-pong. 

These are just suggestions, now try to brainstorm some of your own date night ideas below in the comments section.

Just remember to keep it casual, so it doesn’t break the bank and is fun for both of you.

Good Luck!

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