February 09, 2011


Valentine’s Day Is Lame

February 14 is actually the feast day of Saint Valentine. It’s also the anniversary of a brutal massacre.  How in the hell do a feast and a massacre somehow get spun into a day to buy girls a bunch of random shit?

I think it's only useful to couples who just got together and are still feeling that puppy love feeling.  For everyone else, I think it's a complete pain in the ass.

It creates a horribly awkward situation for those in-between relationships, where it's too soon to blow your load and do something special, but the fact that you didn’t do anything special makes the day non-memorable compared to the ones she had when she was in puppy love with some guy.  Lame.  It’s also hard to determine what that line is.  If she only has lukewarm feeling for you and you put out to much effort, it will actually give her bad feelings and push her away.  If you don’t do enough and she liked you more than you thought she did, she will feel hurt or feel like you don’t have a romantic side.  Hope you’ve dated enough girls to read that one.

It’s also a crap situation for guys who are in a rocky relationship.  One week you are in love, the next you are breaking up.  What do you do here?  You blow tons of money making it special just to break up with each other the next week?  Do you do a weak showing, saving you money, but almost ensuring that you will create bad emotions…leading to yet another fight and eventual breakup?

What about the poor guys who are talking to a lot of girls and close to several, but not exclusive with any of them?  This stupid ass holiday forces you to look shady/cheap/hurt feelings/or make a decision you don’t care to make.  Lame.

The only people who truly win here are the ultra single guys.  Going out on Valentine’s Day puts you in the path of a bunch of girls who are single and jaded.  The vast majority of single girls won’t even leave the house and are stuck at home feeling nostalgic.  Those women that do get dressed up and go out are frustrated and looking for a guy.  Valentine’s Day does the screening for you.

Why isn’t there a day of the year where girls have to spend money and try to impress you?  If a girl gets you a card with a nice note in it for Valentine’s Day, it’s considered acceptable.  If you did that for a girl it would hurt her feelings.

I think we should turn it into “Jean Claude Van Damme Day” and celebrate by getting drunk and watching “Blood Sport” and “Double Impact” (In no particular order of course).

In summary, Valentine’s Day can kindly fuck the fuck off.

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