May 11, 2010


My 7 Favorite Clothing Brands

This is in no particular order.

1. H&M

I really like this brand. It’s cheap and it has good fit. The quality is decent. Usually H&M clothing doesn’t last longer than a year, except for maybe their jackets.

2. Zara

This is a brand I got introduced to not too long ago. The style is more GQ-ish and it is very affordable. A lot of clothing in GQ is out of the price range for people. If you want to dress like people you see in GQ, Zara (and a little more expensive version is Hugo Boss) is a good brand to go to.

3. Hugo Boss

Stay classy. I buy shirts and suits here. Very GQ-ish and kind of has an upscale look to it. You can’ go wrong with their dress and button up shirts.

4. Diesel

I love their jeans and jackets. Especially their jeans. They last forever and the fabric is recognizable. It’s a bit pricey but their jeans will last you a lifetime. Their clothes have a nice European fit. Although some pieces have their brand logo all over, the ones that don’t look priceless.

5. Dolce & Gabbana

The only things I buy from D&G are shoes and t-shirts. The are pricey but the quality makes up for it. The shoes are usually very edgy and standout, especially their casual and sneaker line.

6. G-Star

Jackets. G-star jackets are among my favorites. Did you know G-star was founded in The Netherlands (my home country)? I used to wear jeans a lot, but in the Netherlands everyone wears those. Here in LA I don’t see them that much.

7. True Religion

Love the jeans. I own about the same number of pair of TR jeans as Diesel jeans. The quality is great, fit is great (although I need the length tailored), and they have jeans in all different washes and colors.


Main Image: Diesel

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