May 14, 2010


4 Tips To Improve Your Sense for Fashion & Style

Everyone can get a better sense for fashion and style. Just like learning Love Systems, you will mess it up the first couple of times but over time you will define your own style and will look more attractive.

It took me a couple years of trial and error to really find out what kind of look fits me. In fact, I’m still working on it. Sometimes I want to go more hip, other times I want the more young entrepreneur look. Who knows what it might be a year from now. After a while I found what worked for me and I even have a list of my favorite clothing brands now.

In order for you to find out what kind of style fits you, you will need to experiment. The first step is to educate yourself on the basics of fashion and style. So I came up with 4 tips that should help you find your style and improve your sense for fashion.

1. Get Details and GQ magazine 

You don’t need a subscription to these magazines, although that would help, but try to regularly buy a copy so you can go through it. Look at the people and what they are wearing. Certain colors are more trendy during a certain season. So are certain pieces. Slowly over time you will recognize what colors works best with your skin tone, what pieces of clothing are trendy, and so on.

2. Start a look book 

A look book is a folder where you keep photos or images of looks that you really like. Start collecting these looks and keep them in one folder. Once you have a bunch of looks that you like, you will slowly start to see what kind of style you like based on the number of looks that look similar to each other.

So make a new folder on your computer, name it “look book”, and now every time you see a cool look, save the image in your look book folder. You can use these sites below as a starting point to collect looks. I oftentimes look at celebrities at what they are wearing. Why? Because these people usually have professional stylists dress them.

Use these sites as starting points.

3. Buy these two books

These books explain the very basics of fashion and style. What’s a good fit? What pieces of clothing should every guy own? What types of shirt should you wear at X occasion? These questions and a lot more get answered in these books. Must have.

4. Look at the mannequins

This related to tip #2. Whenever you enter a clothing store, the first thing you want to look at (besides the beautiful women in there) are the mannequins. These are dressed up by HQ of the company where a team of stylist decided what the best looks are. You almost can’t go wrong by simply copying the mannequin. Try to figure out why the stylist made that look work, copy it, and then personalize it.

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