January 21, 2016


Baller on a Budget: Real-Life Stories AND Lessons on Being Cheap

Flash here. We've covered some ideas for cheap dates before, but I want to give you ways to date on the cheap that aren't the same old museum, hang out at the beach, etc.

Here are your ten tips to become a Baller on a Budget:

1. Don’t Make it a Date

I met this girl on a college campus when I first moved out to LA. She was really attractive and we were texting back and forth. I realized that it was going to end up turning into a date. We had something scheduled, but on the day of, she said, “Hey, you seem nice, but I’m not looking to date right now.” I panicked because I really liked this girl, but I got calm and I said, “Me neither. I just think you’re attractive and I wanted to get to know you.” We met up for “tea” and she paid for mine by saying it wasn’t a date. From there, we went around Koreatown and she took me to her favorite make-out spots in the city and we had one of the best “non-dates” of my life and she paid for my tea.

2. The Power of Gift Cards

On a trip to New York. I met a girl in the streets and we agreed to meet up that night. I met her at a park and I bought her tea. She didn’t know that I had used my Starbucks gift card to pay for our date.

3. “I’ll get the next one,” and I never saw her again.

In a situation where I wanted to experiment to see if she would pay. We got to the bar and I said, “I’ll get the next one, but I like a woman who knows how to treat a man.”

4. “You get the next one,” and the next one is fancy.

A girl flew out to see me and I took her to dinner. She said the next one was on her. I paid, and from then on, she took me to fancy places and picked up the bill.

5. Don’t Insist on Paying

Guys think they are making the girl know they are interested by paying. In reality, every girl knows you want her if you are talking to her. When a girl insists on paying herself, not interested. Let these girls pick up their half and move on. Feel free to try to take these girls home.

6. “Let’s get coffee,” and the coffee is at my house.

I met a girl at the mall across from my street and when I knew she wanted to sleep with me, I said, let’s go get some coffee. There was a Starbucks just down the road, but we walked past it and went to my house for coffee, which turned into drinks, which turned into us practicing making babies.

7. Make a Solid Pitch

When I get a girl to invest in me, I must always do it with the utmost conviction that she will. Most girls will buy a drink for a guy they are interested in. I had a friend who ALWAYS bought me drinks. “You got this one?” is my best friend and has gotten me very far.

8. Inviting the girl to a group event (a.k.a. the Beauty of Wholesale)

When I take a girl to a party, I am often utilizing the energy of others. Other people have organized the party and made some food. I might have to spend a few bucks on beer to enjoy the event fully. I felt a bit guilty when a roommate of mine threw an amazing bbq and I brought 3 girls to the same event that he paid for. I even offered to pay for some of the ingredients, but my friend refused. I built 3 relationships that day.

9. A picnic

On a good first date, I told a girl that our second date was going to be a picnic. She came to my house and I had a picnic basket and a blanket over my bed. I had cooked dinner and bought some hummus and fresh vegetables from the store. I brought a bottle of wine and the evening cost me a total of about $20 dollars.

10. The Sex Date

I told a girl to bring a bottle of wine to our date, so when I went to pick her up, she had it in hand. I said, “Let’s have some of it,” so we went back to her room and began drinking.

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