August 12, 2009


Develop a Genuinely Successful Pick Up Routine | FHM

You see a beautiful woman at the pub. You’d like to meet her, but she’s surrounded by friends. Do you:

  1. Use a cheesy pick up line, like “What’s your sign?”

  2. Ask her the same boring questions that she’s heard from every other guy, like “Where are you from” and “What do you do?”

  3. Give up, and settle for a girl you’re not really attracted to.

For a long time, unless you were good-looking, rich, or naturally charming, that’s all that was on the menu – unless you happened to “get lucky.” But the internet changed all that.

Online forums like The Attraction Forums (TAF) – which has over 100,000 male and female members, allows you to test and solve any issues you have approaching or meeting the opposite sex in just one day.

Social networking at this level led to an explosion of seduction techniques for every situation - right down to word-for-word scripts, called “routines.”

For example, let’s say that you’re at some exclusive event and you’re talking to the “ice queens” – the women who think they’re prettier than everyone else, and often are. Prevent them from blowing you off, with this routine:

“I wasn’t even going to come out tonight. A lot of these things are full of insecure people who try to pretend they’re too cool…I don’t hate them, I was like that when I was starting out, but it’s funny how the people who have the most to offer...the smartest, prettiest, richest, most interesting, whatever…they tend to be the friendliest and most down to earth because they have nothing to prove. Now I’m glad I came out, because everyone here seems really friendly and cool. My name’s Nick by the way.”

(Source: The Love Systems Routines Manual, Volume 1)

Once you say that, what choice do these women have? They have to be friendly or they’ll appear insecure. Beautiful women hate being thought of as insecure. So now you’ve broken the ice, and you can continue the conversation normally – or use an attraction routine to speed up the process.

Routines exist for any situation – to start conversations, get attraction, get rid of rivals, build comfort, establish qualification (making her feel she has to work for you and that you’re the prize),  seduction, and more.

Of course, this is pretty controversial. Not least because hundreds of the best routines in the world have been collected into two books (imaginatively titled “Love Systems Routines Manual Vol 1 and Love Systems Routines Manual Vol 2) that have been described as “the underground bible for 21st century men”.

I’ve been aggressively questioned by various news outlets about whether routines “give men an unfair advantage over women.” Is it really “unfair”? Is it any different from every women’s magazine on the planet being filled with tips to “make him want you even more” or “meet a stud this summer”?

True – women’s magazines don’t give word-for-word scripts, and are usually based on imagination, not tens of thousands of men actually testing and using their advice. But you’re not going to use other men’s scripts forever… Once you get the hang of them, you’ll start making your own routines and variations that convey your own personality and interests. If anything, routines are unfair to the celebrities, rich guys, pretty boys, and charmers of the world… now they’ve got competition.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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