January 04, 2010


Jeremy Soul teaches Day Game on Norway's P4 Radio

Anders van Dahl of P4 (Norway’s national radio) invited Jeremy Soul for an interview on what he does best: Day Game. What started out as a discussion turned into live coaching, and with Jeremy’s assistance Anders approached women in the daytime on the streets of Oslo for the first time! Read the English transcript here or listen to the audio (Norwegian) at the end of the article.

Part 1

Anders: Already on the way out of P4's offices down towards Oslo's busiest shopping street, my entrails are close to turning inside out from anguish and panic. In the middle of the busiest morning rush, with busy and preoccupied people heading full speed towards their targets, this 1.7m tall, suited Brit of Indian origin is going to teach me about something very un-Norwegian: being sober, picking up anybody on the street and getting a date...Jeremy's magic formula isn't really rocket science, but seems simple and viable, at least in theory.

Jeremy: I stop them and say ”Excuse me, I just saw you walking past, and I had to come tell you that I think you look absolutely beautiful.”

Anders: I know that it's slightly less than ten minutes until I am going to try this, and attempt to explain to Jeremy that there are some hopeless cases beyond saving.

Jeremy: I mean, some people naturally have the intuition and the ability to pick up someone. Some people don't naturally have it. That's my experience.

Anders: To demonstrate, he asks me to pick someone random, and I immediately lay eyes upon a young, pretty, classically blond Norwegian girl, around 1.70 m, across the street. She’s busily running up the stairs carrying a hot coffee, with a laptop bag over her shoulders. My chest hurts, I get red, sweat, and with a terrible taste in my mouth I watch Jeremy do his approach and introduce himself. First comes a slight tap on her shoulder.

Anders: I hardly believe my own eyes. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. The dialogue is good, and Jeremy ends with today's first phone number after his first attempt, and a coffee date three hours later. The scheme works!

On the street:

Jeremy: So, I went up to her and I delivered my opening line, you know, ”You look absolutely beautiful,” and did you see the confused look on her face? She was very surprised. That's unusual.

Anders: I think it's easier for you, because you're English, you know. It's much easier.

Jeremy: Yeah, well, you say that, but everyone has different advantages. I can say it's easier for you because you're taller, because you work in radio or whatever. It’s easier for him because he's got money...

In studio:

Anders: Now, the build-up of self-confidence starts. The next time, it's my turn.

Part 2

In studio:

Anders: Have you ever been on top of a bungee jump tower 80 meters high, stark naked, knowing that you have no cord around your feet while an insane mass murderer is right behind you and 90,000 people below you are laughing at your hopelessness? That was how it felt after Jeremy's final peptalk before I was to do my very best. Or worst. Oh, I could have died for a Jack Daniels right then. Or an entire bottle. But, ”he who dares” and all that…

On the street:

Anders: Excuse me, can I talk to you for two minutes?

Woman: I'm a bit short on time, actually.

Jeremy: I think you wanted to say something else.

In studio:

Anders: Where is that black hole in the street when I need it? The mess I'm standing in is far too big. Jeremy, save me! Save me!

He does, and the dialogue develops surprisingly well, not least thanks to my foreign friend. But what will this young girl do on such an early morning?

On the street:

Girl: Hand over the key to my boyfriend, and then maybe...

Anders: Okay. Yes. You run along, you've got to get to work.

In studio:

Anders: The heart feels a bit lighter right now. But once again, the nerves take over in approach number two. Be confident, appear intelligent, and find something smart to say. A good opening line.

On the street:

Anders: Excuse me, do you know what time it is?

Woman: Yes, let's see, about a quarter to.

Anders: A quarter to...?

Woman: A quarter to ten.

Anders: Oh, shit. Thank you.

Is it even possible...?

In studio:

Anders: I have really given in. Jeremy shakes his head. He's got iron faith in me. And like a squire at his knight's side, he supports me down towards Oslo Central Station. The place is full of pretty girls. Far too pretty for me. Anders, get a grip! Pull yourself together! The choice is made.

On the street:

Jeremy: And then say, ”I'd really love to continue the conversation over a drink; what do you think about that?”

In studio:

Anders: With four shopping bags, typing on her cell phone, there stands my chosen one and I go for it.

On the street:

Anders: Excuse me, can I stop you? What's your name?

Trine: Trine.

Anders: (Yes!) Hi, Trine. So, where are you from?

Trine: Kristiansand.

Anders: You're not from Oslo?

Trine: No, I study in Oslo.

In studio:

Anders: Despite being busy shopping and on her way to an appointment, she takes time to talk to me, and the conversation goes surprisingly easy.

On the street:

Anders: So, I just thought I had to come over to you and tell you how incredibly cute you are.

Trine: Wow – thanks a lot!

In studio:

Anders: After 12 minutes, I go for the kill.

On the street:

Trine: I'm actually on my way to school, so I really have to go.

Anders: Real quick before you go, you wouldn't want to do something later, get a coffee or someting like that? I’ve got to show him around town for a while...

Trine: Yes...

Anders: Bring a friend or something.

Trine: I could do that.

Anders: Cool!

In studio:

Anders: The third time was the charm, and a tired and slightly embarassed radio guy goes back to the studio to edit this story. And the date? Well, that's a totally different story.

Listen to the audio (Norwegian) on YouTube (click the image below):

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