June 01, 2009


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As the weather gets hot, the girls tend to get a little hotter as well. In fact, it’s a scientific fact that the summertime awakens the libido, increasing our response to visual triggers like that hot blonde in the red bathing suit, or that cute girl that always wears shorts while walking her dog. So whether its sex on the beach, skinny dipping, or the thought of sweaty sex; the next two months are your chance to explore all of your urges. Trust me; the summertime is the closest we ever get to what it was like in the 60’s. Now that we know that sunlight warms the libido, let me explain how I’ve managed to make the summertime a proverbial period of excess.

Demonstrate Value

If the summertime is all about ‘fun in the sun,’ you need to be the Alpha Male of your group and the gatekeeper. Before the last days of summmer, prepare your assets by making sure you have access to Jacuzzis, party pads, wet bars, and the hottest summer nightclubs. Since women are naturally attracted to me who have the ‘hookup,’ be this person in your peer group or social circle. I will go into approaching in a bit, but before you can create your own summertime game, you will need to make sure you’re prepared before you engage.

Summertime Opener

Women don’t just show up in your life; you need to approach and meet them. Don’t use some cheesy line. I co-wrote a book called the Love Systems Routines Manual that had hundreds of word-for-word scripts that the top pickup artists around use to meet and attract women, ranging from openers (how to start a conversation) to seduction routines. One of them that’s a little bit off-beat and zany but a lot of fun is the “Wear That” opener:

Eye her up and down, smile, and say: “I was totally going to wear that today/tonight.”

The girlier the outfit, the better; this is where the humor comes from. Of course, this shouldn’t be a problem during the summertime since most girls will be sporting showy outfits like bikinis and such. Remember, an opener doesn't close the deal; it’s just a powerful way of igniting a conversation.

The Transition

Once you’ve made the approach, you must transition from your opener into a more normal conversation. Don’t spend forever discussing whatever you started talking about when you approached her - we call this “milking the opener” and this is bad. You want to broaden the conversation, so you have a chance to get to know each other. During the summer, you should be adventurous and try something a little more flirtatious. Keeping that in mind, you should implement a ‘Cold Read.’ A cold read is an observation about someone’s personality based on truisms about human nature or on something you observe about them. In a group, you can use this classic cold read (also from the Love Systems Routines Manual):

“Ah, so you’re the good one and you’re the bad one.”

This type of cold read will have them either agree or disagree, which can help facilitate a conversation that’s a bit more personal. Keeping the summer them in mind, you can always make suggestions about what you think she may enjoy doing during the summer. Here is an example:

“Wait, let me guess, are you THAT girl? (She Answers)
“The same one I saw skinny dipping alone at Manhattan Beach last weekend? That was daring but a little crazy!! “

Believe it or not, at this point the girl(s) you’re trying to seduce is on her way to being attracted to you. You’ve demonstrated the key attributes of confidence and humor, both of which alone will get you pretty far.


Based on how she responds, you can take the next step and build attraction. When you’ve got the two of you laughing and joking around, try something like the ‘Hug Test.’

“Okay. We’ve been talking for a while; I want to be sure I’m not wasting my time. Hug test.” (She responds.)
“I have to see if you can hug worth a damn, otherwise I have to stick you in the friend zone. So you better give it your all.”

Always give her a low score. This puts her in the position of chasing you or seeking your approval, which is sexy to many women. Don’t make her chase you once she’s already proven she’s worth it (for reasons other than her looks) - you have to drop the “too cool for school” vibe at some point. But don’t be like every guy who is sucking up to her hoping to win her approval.

Once you have some attraction and she’s shown you that she’s worth it (based on something you learn about her - e.g., does she like the same music and art scene as you?), you can take things to the next level. Suggest an “instant date” - like walking down to the end of the beach to find the perfect smoothie. Emotional momentum is a crucial component of seduction - when a woman is attracted to you, try to strike when the iron is hot whenever possible. Getting a phone number and making plans should be a backup plan, not a goal.

Remember, as the Alpha in your group you’re the ‘gatekeeper’ to all the summer fun. So open some doors and invite her in, you’ll be surprised how HOT things will get in the next thirty days.

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Nick Savoy


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