August 10, 2010


Slitz Goes to the Daytime Dating Source in an Interview with Jeremy Soul

Learn the art of getting a catch in broad daylight with one of the world’s greatest on the subject!

Translated from text by Peter Larsson
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Born: 1983

Location: London

Occupation: Dating expert and one of the key players in the company Love Systems that teaches men the art of flirting with girls.

Relationship: Girlfriend

History: Furthered the already existing company Love Systems by introducing the phenomenon known as “Day Game:” a development of what’s described in Neil Strauss’ book The Game with the key differences in teaching that you should be pleasant and honest and above all to develop the ability to pick up girls in the daytime, outside the pub and without alcohol.

Currently: Visiting Stockholm at the end of July to teach his knowledge.

Jeremy Soul is a dating expert for a new age.  Just when many girls have seen through The Game, Jeremy arrives and turns everything we previously knew as true upside-down.

His techniques are based on contact, compliments and self-confidence for picking up girls in broad daylight, and they work in town, in a queue, or even waiting for the bus.  We catch up with him during a visit to Stockholm where he’s teaching about twenty people the art of catching a woman’s interest, getting her number and with some luck and equal skill, closing the deal.

Your profession is dating expert.  That must raise some questions when you meet people.

Ha ha, yes, but I'm not complaining.  Of course people ask questions but it’s generally a positive reaction.

How did you come up with the idea for your current professional role?

Years ago, I saw how many of my friends educated themselves and became bankers, lawyers and engineers.  They earned good money, no doubt about it, but I did not want to take that direction.

I wanted the money but didn’t want to be stuck in a boring office five days a week.  I saw that the dating market was developing and came up with the idea to teach people to make contact with each other in broad daylight.  It was tough in the beginning but it has paid off and right now I am happier than ever.

To pick up someone in the daytime feels far more difficult than doing the same thing in the shelter of darkness, music and alcohol.  The first thing I think about is the risk of being taken for a psycho if you approach a random woman you meet on the street with pickup lines.

If you want to achieve something in life you must be willing to take risks.  Success comes when we learn from our mistakes.  If you never dare to meet a beautiful woman because of the fear of appearing to be an idiot and get turned down you will never get what you want.  You will have to settle with something else which is enough for many but not for me.

Honestly, can a really ugly guy get a beautiful woman?

Watch the clips of Love Systems on YouTube and see just how ugly people find me.  Then take a peek at the pictures of my girlfriend.  After that we can talk further about this...  Or you can talk to the guy in the wheelchair who I'm teaching, or the 52 year old or the overweight economist.  After a bit of training these men can accomplish and dare to do things most people are terrified of.  Anyone can learn no matter how you look, and I guarantee that.

Okay, but what is the absolute best advice to keep in mind when you want to get a hottie?

The fact is that everything, absolutely everything, is possible and that it's only your own fear that limits you.  You will never know if you never dare to try.  Then, of course, you should think about your looks.  You don't need to live in the gym but spend some time in front of the mirror.  Fix your hair and buy a nice shirt.  It doesn't only make you look better, but it fills you with self-esteem which is very important.

How do you initiate the chat?  Do you have some nice lines to recommend?

Start with a nice compliment.  Say something you noticed about her that you find attractive.  Be as specific as possible and try to give her compliments on her clothes and body language rather than her eyes and body.  As long as you're nice you don't have to be afraid of making a fool out of yourself.  Remember that eye contact is a good way to get closer to the girl in question and that it is important to listen when she speaks.  Show interest in what she says.  If it goes well, get contact information (email or phone number) so you can meet later!

Say I see a great girl and dare to make contact.  How in the world do I know if she is single?

It’s really hard to guess, so be clear that you’re actually flirting with the girl in question.  This way, she’ll let you know if she’s taken.  Girls have a sense for that.  They understand quickly what is happening.

Also, give her the impression that you have something to do, that at any second you will leave.  It eases the pressure a girl might feel.

Unlike Strauss’ cult hit The Game where you balance the pickup technique between compliments and clear disses, are you saying that it’s always best to be pleasant all the time?

When The Game came out it was revolutionary for its time, absolutely right and innovative.  But everything evolves and changes.  What I do is to make sure to build a relationship with honesty and attraction to each other.  To diss girls is more a sign of one’s own fear.  Lift them up with your words instead; it doesn’t only become easier, but a more enjoyable way to pick up.

What about the old theory that you shouldn’t seem to be too interested then?

That is still true to a point.  Many guys show too much interest at once.  That can destroy the attraction.  You have to show interest but be a little aloof.  Everyone is different so you have to sense that, but of course it’s best to restrain your interest a little.  It requires some training to learn that!

If you’ve managed to establish a relationship, what can one do to make it work?

Keep it interesting; try to evolve together all the time.  Many relationships become far too predictable early on.  Keep in mind that your interests beyond the girl are just as important for your development.  Don’t ignore your job, friends and everything else you do during your spare time.

What about you?  Are you getting laid a lot or are you looking for the big love?

I decide for myself what type of love I need depending on where I am in life and who I am with.  Sometimes I seek love, sometimes one innocent flirt and sometime just friendship.  I have, as you might guess, no problem getting laid.  And if I catch sight of a beautiful woman I think I might like I'll make contact, for even I don't know where it may lead...


For more information check out Jeremy Soul's bio page or his amazing new book Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone!

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