January 17, 2013


How to pick up a Playmate | FHM Online

Picking up what you previously imagined was unattainable

So you’re at a hot party or event, having a cocktail, and suddenly notice a Playmate. Normally, you wouldn’t have guts or game to nab a Playmate, but following my tips below, the next time you’re looking at a '10' across the room, you’ll be prepared to close the deal.

1. Move your feet

Go meet her. Right away. The longer you wait, the more nervous you’ll make yourself and the more she’ll think you’re creepy if she catches you looking. I picked up a Miss America finalist just by walking across a hotel lobby to introduce myself. When I asked her later what got her attention about me she said, “you’re not my usual type, but I loved your boldness and confidence.” That’s the vibe to pick up a Playmate.

2. Own the group

A beautiful woman at a party isn’t going to be spending a lot of time alone. Don’t be the creepy guy who tries to intercept her on the way to or from the bathroom. When you go meet her, acknowledge and be friendly with the people she is with. But don’t try to “fit in”. Most Playmates want to be with the kind of guy who can command attention and has presence. Doing this without coming across as a jerk is part of the challenge.

3. The first thing you say doesn’t matter – it’s all about the SECOND thing

Most guys don’t approach women because they are waiting for the perfect thing to say. And true, if you have NOTHING to say, you’ll get blown out. But in general, any good, tested, opener (what you say when you approach) is as good as any other. (For proven word-for-word scripts top pick up artists around the world use, check out the Love Systems Routines Manual) I took this to an extreme a little while ago when I was reviewing a Love Systems (we've been around in one form or another since the release of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed) bootcamp – where a professional Love Systems expert takes you out to bars and clubs to work on your game. By the end of the first night, most of the guys were hooking up, but one very shy guy was still petrified about rejection. So I approached two nearby blondes and told them I had a Twinkie for lunch. They didn’t say much. So I continued with a “cold read” – telling one of them that she looked like a good girl and the other that she was probably a devil. They loved it. No matter what you say first, the best result is that you got her attention for whatever you say next. So – don’t sweat the opener. Focus on building attraction.

4. Attraction is emotional, not logical

One expert said “Attraction is not a choice,” and he’s right. Attraction is an instinctive, chemical process. If you know what you’re doing and can get 15 minutes with her, you can make virtually any woman attracted to you. Now, as any woman will tell you, being attracted and acting on that attraction are two very different things. Most guys try to do the same lame things when meeting beautiful women. They try to look for commonalities (“What do you do? Where are you from?”), they try to show the girl that you’re a nice guy, or they talk about logical, factual subjects. You can sometimes luck into a cute girl doing that, but not a Playmate-quality one. Take her on an emotional journey. The more varied emotions she feels with you, the more compelling you are. Make her laugh, sit in suspense when you tell a good story, feel excitement, feel connection. Don’t be boring or play it safe.

5. Don’t tell her she’s beautiful

Don’t tell her she’s beautiful. She knows that. She wants a guy who appreciates her beauty but isn’t hung up on it. Once a year Love Systems does a bootcamp at the Playboy Mansion. In addition to all the other training for the event, there a big piece on the specific psychology of extremely beautiful women. One part of this is that extremely beautiful women are often attracted to guys other hot women are attracted to. So if you act like she’s something special for being hot, she’ll lose interest. Imagine a giant wart on her nose if you have to.

5. Have fun!

You can’t pick up if you’re not enjoying yourself. There is something called mirror neurons – parts of your brain that impact your mood based on the mood of people around you. If you’re uncomfortable, you will make her feel uncomfortable with you. If you are having a great time, you have a much better chance of her having a great time with you.

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