November 06, 2008


College Times Interviews Savoy

How can one guy be so good at pick- ing up women that they refer to him as an artist? Nick a.k.a. Savoy knows exactly how. He is the president and CEO of Love Systems (and joint copyright holder of The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed) and author of “Magic Bullets,” the company’s “bible” on dating and social dynamics.

He has been teaching men how to pick up women for years. He recently sat down with College Times for a quick Q&A:

College Times: How would you describe what you do?
Savoy: I help men succeed with women by giving them the tools and skills they need. It is a dating science. Meeting and approaching women is a small part of what goes into being successful. We teach men how to approach women in a social setting or women that may be in their social circle while learning how to develop a social life that will attract desirable women. We also teach courses for women to succeed with men and a relationship management course.

How did you get started in the industry? Five years ago or so I was with a girlfriend for three years and I thought that she was going to be the one. When that didn’t work out I had moved to a new city and felt like I was literally starting at ground zero, starting over again. I didn’t have the tools to go about doing it. I could attract some women but I always felt like I was settling. I wanted more and I wanted better and I wanted to improve myself to make that a reality. We really are helping people, I had a hot shot business career, but at the end of the day, all I was doing was helping the companies’ stock price. It is not the validating feeling you get when a former student sends me pictures of his wedding and says we helped him get there.

A lot of these techniques seem like they are based on psychology, did you study psychology?
No. Not in a formal setting. My instructors and I have dated and interacted with tens of thousands of woman and started seeing patterns of behavior in them. We developed techniques and tested them out. I could tell you a lot of stories about methods we tried that definitely did not work. We try to understand the female psychology and social dynamics. You are not an artist until you can truly understand this and take the material and scripts and make it your own. You can read our manual word for word and use it and it will work, but it isn’t about that. The true masters understand how and why the material works and exactly what women are responding to. Then they can make their own material and adapt it to who they are.

What kind of guys go to your seminars? Is it just guys trying to get girls to sleep with them?
I would say there are three types of guys that attend our seminars. The guys that have not had a ton of success with women and want to date more and meet more women and get a girlfriend who is perfect for them. The guys that, like me, who have had some success but felt like they were settling. These guys have been approached by women but aren't the choosers. They want to know how to approach the women they want and not just women who may want them back. Then there are the guys who just want to be super players. Anything taken to the extreme has potential for abuse and it may seem that they are just being manipulative. This is not the intention of the book or the course though.

Where do you hold your seminars? How can I buy your book "Magic Bullets"?
We hold our seminars around the world. We have been in Australia, Germany, Netherlands, and all over the nation. We do hold a seminar in Scottsdale. We hold boot camps and approaching women is a small portion of it. There is no magic way of approaching a woman; the purpose of approaching is like unlocking a car door. There is no particularly awesome way of opening a door; it is once you get inside the car and what you do with it that is the best part. "Magic Bullets" is available online at We are constantly learning more and adding to the book and have revised versions. If you buy a book you get the updates for free. Right now we are on Magic Bullets 1.5 and working on 2.0.

November 6, 2008

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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