June 20, 2011


Cajun Reveals His Secrets to Dating Skills Review

Cajun is one of the most popular Dating Coaches in the world, and so it's no surprise he's in high demand for interviews. Cajun sits down to discuss everything from his introduction to Game to becoming an instructor, appearing on "Keys to the VIP," his specialties in body language and physical escalation, tips for new guys, and much more!

The largest database of dating advice for men on the internet, Dating Skills Review covers everything that's happening in the dating science world with consumer and editor reviews and in depth interviews.

Topics covered:

  • The live contest he competed in on reality TV Keys to the VIP.

  • Subtext, body language and physical escalation.

  • The emotional journey vs. logical structure of learning dating skills.

  • How inner game works with the Love Systems method and techniques.

  • What he used from his acting studies to improve his game and recommendations on what you can use.

Listen to the interview at Dating Skills Review

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Cajun LS
Cajun LS


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