July 25, 2012


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Relationship Rx - Boost Your Dating Mojo With a Love Systems Seminar
By Susan Diranian, Sterling Dating Examiner

Like Rod Stewart says, some guys have all the luck. They have the car, the job, the clothes and, when out and about at a restaurant, bar or club, they always seem to get the girl. If you find yourself lacking in the getting-phone-numbers-from-girls department, don't fret. A Love Systems seminar may be just what you need.

Learn from the Best

Love Systems consists of world-famous pick-up artists and dating coaches who share their best secrets and tips through various workshops, seminars and special events. Before you roll your eyes, take note: these guys aren't middle-aged men sprouting cheesy lines and polyester suits. Like the characters in Neil Strauss best-seller hit "The Game," many of the instructors go by nicknames like Big Business, Stryker and Future. And, many of them are young men who once experienced some form of social awkwardness at one point in their lives. Today, they are the brains behind the largest and most successful dating coaching program for men.

A Different Kind of Boot Camp

Forget doing 1,000 pushups. A Love Systems weekend boot camp consists of guys being guys—sharing scandalous hookup tales and busting each other's chops. A Love Systems instructor provides tips on how to approach that hottie in the bar, build comfort, trust and intimacy and set up dates. The lessons are interactive and entertaining and even eye-opening for some. Who would've thought teasing someone about where they are from, for example, without picking on the obvious would prove to be so hard to do?

At the end of each day, all of the guys go home and prepare for a night out at the hottest local bars to utilize the skills they learned. The next day starts off with a debrief of the previous night's activities then more lessons and tips. The guys get another chance to try out the skills they learned with the Love Systems instructor providing tips and guidance throughout the night. The final day consists of even more lessons and tips, including seduction, one night stands and image and identity. As many previous boot camp members have said, your dating life "will not be the same after attending a boot camp."

Meet Women Everywhere

Not a barhopping kind of guy? Love Systems provides workshops and training for a wide variety of real-life situations. Sign up for a Day Game Workshop and learn how to get the number of that cute girl near the produce aisle at the grocery store. Or, learn how to succeed with seemingly unattainable girls like that sexy waitress at your favorite high end restaurant. Other workshops and seminars include inner game, mastering humor and improv, telephone training and same night lays. Love Systems also provides individualized training as well as books, DVDs and MP3s.

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