September 28, 2007


Savoy Interview at The Ranger

Savoy offers some tips in the "Romance Report" and gets feedback from women in college.

The art of picking up women incorporates psychology and human behavior; no wonder so many men find it difficult.

President of Love Systems, known by his stage name Savoy, and the author of “Magic Bullets,” said the art of seduction is too complicated to boil down to one simple concept, which is why his company teaches seminars.

He said he got into learning how to pick up women after he came off of a serious relationship three years ago, and his game became rusty.

He said Love Systems teaches clients techniques, such as opening lines to use on women, that they know have worked.

Openers could be asking a woman her opinion on a situation, not a pick-up line.

An important aspect of picking up women is knowing not to put women on pedestals, Savoy said.

This can be accomplished by what is known as “negging,” or what Savoy called playful teasing.

The key, he said, is to get a message across to the woman that one is interested in more than just hooking up.

The point is also to let the woman know that just because she is beautiful, she has not won, he said.

Negs, Savoy said, are not the same thing as being a jerk.

A neg, according to “Magic Bullets,” could be telling a woman she blinks a lot.

Nursing freshman Crystal Aldana said the jerk approach does not work.

Education freshman Christina Martinez said she does not like guys who are too forward when they approach her.

Aldana said she does not mind when guys approach her that are not as attractive as she would normally go for.

Martinez said it is fine because men she called cute know they are good-looking and act stuck up.

Regis L. Roberts
September 28, 2007

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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