July 16, 2008


7 tips for picking up chicks at E3 | Games Radar Magazine

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Nick Savoy, inventor of Love Systems, is something of a real-life Frank Mackey (Tom Cruise in Magnolia, if you don’t get the reference.) This week, all Nick’s energy is focused on E3. He’ll be the guy going home with the hotties the rest of us barely have the courage to ogle from afar. Want to know how he does it? Nick was kind enough to share a few tips with us.

1. Appearance matters
Ditch the ratty old game shirt and dress to impress. Also, wear at least one interesting, unusual item as a conversation starter. Things that do not count as interesting conversation starters: blinking swag, wedding ring, anything inflatable.

2. Women are attracted to passion, emotion, ambition and goals
Don’t be afraid to let them know how much you love games. After all, they’re at E3 too.

3. Don’t talk to cosplay girls “in character”
Find out about the woman behind the chainmail bra – ask her opinion on something (Nick’s patented “opinion opener.”)

4. Don’t get your picture taken with her
She’ll immediately assume you know nothing about dealing with beautiful women. Instead, ask her to take a picture of you and your friends. Works especially well if one of your friends is female – it gets the competitive juices going. 

5. Don’t get caught staring at the milkbar
See #4. There will be plenty of time for that once you get to know her, so don’t sabotage it from the beginnning.

6. Body language is a cheat code
Verbal cues can be hard to interpret, but women never lie with body language. Use hers to learn where you stand.

7. Disco Stu does not advertise
Don’t fawn all over her and shower her with compliments. Make her work for it so she’ll be seeking validation from you.

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