January 28, 2011


FHM asks Savoy for Your Valentine's Day Blueprint

What you do on Valentine's Day really depends on your status.  If you are totally committed, do the traditional boyfriend thing.  If you're single, Valentine's Day is a great night to meet women.  But if you're just casually dating, Valentine's Day is not your friend.  But if you're in this position, relax - at Love Systems, we've written a 'Blueprint' to help guide you.

If You're Single

First things first.  Valentine's is NOT the day to reveal to that cute intern in marketing that you've had a crush on her for months.  Don't dream of sending flowers, anonymous or not.  At most, send a simple "Happy Valentine's Day" text message – but only do this if this is someone you would normally send "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Happy New Year" to.

After Valentine's, don't ask her what she did on Valentine's or "on Saturday." Assume she was alone or with a guy not worth mentioning.  You can even make her a bit jealous (many women need a bit of jealousy to feel attracted) by telling her a story about something funny that happened on "Saturday" when you were out with "a friend."  Be subtle and ambiguous – use the story telling technique of "embedding" from my downloadable book, Magic Bullets to make the story about one thing (e.g., something funny that happened at the restaurant/cruise/fireworks you were at) for the purpose of communicating something else that you can't say directly (e.g., "I was out with a hot girl on Saturday").

Current prospects aside, go out and meet women!  Women out on Valentine's Day will usually be single and looking.  Just be prepared for questions like "why don't you have a girlfriend?" or "why aren't you with someone tonight?" Don't answer these directly or turn them around onto her – just deflect them with humor.  Tell her you have 4 girlfriends and they fight all the time so you came out for a drink.  Or pretend to misinterpret her and say, mock-seriously, "You're moving pretty fast... I think I should probably know your name before we talk about making you my girlfriend." It's all in the delivery. 

(We have a book full of word-for-word scripts that the top pick up artists around the world use to attract women who would otherwise be completely out of their league, called the Love Systems Routines Manual – including free bonus chapters.)

If You're Dating more than one Woman

Every year, women have that one day where everything needs to be special. That day, without a question, is Valentine's Day.  It also can be kryptonite to a guy who isn't in or looking for a relationship.  If you're seeing multiple women in your city (and this is easier to do than you think, without dishonesty – check out some of our relationship management videos), you can get in trouble when they all expect to see you this Saturday.

Years of trial and error later, I can tell you two things that don't work.  DON'T try to manage the day to have more than one date.  And DON'T assume that just because she knows you see other women that she'll be okay with not seeing you on Valentine's Day.  Trust me, I've tried both; neither works.

What does work is leaving town.  Find a work or family reason to get out of dodge this weekend (the longer the trip, the less it looks like you're trying to get out of Valentine's Day itself).  Call everyone on the day, send flowers, tell everyone you miss them, and you'll make it up to them when you get back.  Then you have a few "Valentine's Make Up" dates ahead of you, but at least you're not forced to have them all on the same day.

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