March 07, 2012


7 Women We Can Guarantee Will Waste Your Time

If she fits in one or more of these categories, cut the cord.

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As a dating coach with Love Systems, my job is to help men meet and attract the women they want. The method is extremely effective (for proof, watch the hidden camera video), and things are usually pretty straightforward.

But what if the client is interested in a woman who I know is going to be a total waste of his time? The client is always right, of course, so we set him up for success. But you can be sure we also educate him about what he’s getting himself into.

Are you, or anyone you know, dating or pursuing a woman who is wasting your time? Look for any of these seven signs.

1. She’s always running "just 5 minutes!" late

For pure time-wasting, it’s hard to beat the Disorganized Princess. If you’re supposed to meet at 8, she’ll text you at 9 that she’s about to leave the house…and still somehow she doesn’t arrive before 11.

Some men attempt to adapt by telling her to arrive a couple hours early or by trying to micromanage her schedule. Better is to drop her entirely and use all that time you’ve saved to find a great woman who has her ducks in a row.

2. She forgot! She has to work tonight!

Flaky Girl is like the Disorganized Princess on steroids. Instead of showing up late, she doesn’t show up at all.

I encourage clients to test flakes and use anti-flaking techniques. If a woman flakes at the last minute on a first or second date, a great response is: “No problem; I’ll take someone else.” This often results in the woman saying something like “No, wait, let me see what I can do” followed by her schedule mysteriously clearing up.

Even if her schedule is locked for the night, hopefully she’ll get the message. If not, there’s one way to deal with persistent flaking: flake on her, permanently.

3. Her Facebook status says "Happy in Wyoming."

Unless you have a real plan for the two of you to be in the same place, and soon, make geography a deal-breaker.There’s nothing wrong with women from Wyoming – if you live there, too. Otherwise it’s a long-distance relationship, which will almost always be a waste of your time. Not just because of the travel, either. The whole relationship can be artificial if you only see each other on some weekends and special occasions. You don’t get to find out what it’s like to be with her day-to-day. It might take months to accomplish long-distance what could take days if you were in the same place. If that’s not a waste of time, I don’t know what is.

4. She knows the truth about 9/11

Or at least she thinks she does, and she’ll tell anyone who will listen. That person, unfortunately, is going to be with you and only you, once everyone else figures out that she talks just to hear herself talk, with little value to contribute. Whether it’s a conspiracy theory she’s recycling from a mass email or her gripping adventures at the laundromat, you can count on her to fill any available silence with the beautiful sound of her own voice.

There are 24 hours in a day. How many of them do you want to spend listening to nonsense?

5. She’s dancing on a table

The Attention Seeker is closely related to the Woman with Everything to Say, but this woman's weapons with which to waste your time go beyond just her voice. If she doesn’t feel she’s getting enough attention, she’ll create some sort of drama to return the focus back to where it truly belongs – on her.

Most of us grow out of this kind of behavior by about age 16 – unless we're surround by people who indulge us. In other words, if you stick with her, you have only yourself to blame.

6. She’s a shadow

She texts you back and will hang out, but every once in a while the conversation comes back around to your friend Mark. What’s he up to? Is he seeing anyone? He seemed really cool; maybe we should all get together sometime?

She’s not into you. She’s Mark’s shadow. Even if you don’t know Mark, you can tell when a woman has her heart set on someone else. You can use Love Systems techniques to win her over to you, but why bother?

7. She sends you the best texts ever

This girl will happily text you all day, and respond to most of your messages right away. Except for texts about meeting up – those are always conversation-stoppers. She likes the validation of having men interested in her and talking to her, but she isn’t actually interested in you enough to hang out in person.

These women are such a waste of time that they qualify for double duty – they also showed up in the article 10 Ways to Know it’s Time to Let Her Go. Respond to all of her texts with a :) until she gets the message that you’re not looking for a text friend.

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