March 24, 2010


Keychain Gives Dating Advice Tips on BBC Essex Radio

BBC Essex Radio host Mark Punter discusses dating, bootcamps, and more with Love Systems instructor Keychain.

When Punter scheduled an interview with an instructor from Love Systems, he didn't know what to expect.  What he got was Keychain revealing some great dating advice and explaining how Love Systems works. Based on the collected experiences of thousands of interactions, Love Systems incorporates tried and tested techniques for everything from first meeting a woman to dating and so much more. Offering some key examples, Keychain describes Love Systems bootcamps and discusses our phenomenal success rate. No topic is left uncovered as Keychain is questioned on dating for older men, what wine to drink on dates (insider tip: try for fun, interactive dates instead of "interrogations" at restaurant tables), and more!

Check out the interview:

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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