January 16, 2010


Jeremy Soul Demonstrates His Day Game Skills on Swedish Television

Jeremy Soul shows off his Day Game skills on Aftonbladet TV in Sweden

Watch as Jeremy Soul does what he's best known for as he stops beautiful women on the streets of Sweden.  Also included are commentaries and live discussion with one of the women!

Translated from the Swedish:

Reporter: But Jeremy Soul doesn’t just teach dating in general, no, he calls his specialty Day Game, to pick up women in broad daylight.

Andrea: He was really nice, he came up and commented on my clothes, and then he asked where I live and what I do...

Reporter: Do you think this works, if a Swedish guy were to come up to you like this?

Andrea: Yes, why not? If it works in other places then why wouldn’t it work in Sweden? I really think so.

Reporter: So you think it works to get picked up during the daytime?

Andrea: Yes. Well, according to me it does; I think it’s fun.

Reporter: But one can ask what this knowledge is really worth. Jeremy Soul charges between 7000 and 21000 crowns for one day of training. And it needs to be said that the self-appointed master even fails himself sometimes.

Watch the video in full size at Aftonbladet TV.

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