April 27, 2010


St George & Sutherland Shire Leader Talks to Jeremy Soul, Love God

Love god coaches single men

By Mark Barbeliuk

A self-described "love god" breezed through St. George recently as part of a wider tour to teach men how to attract women.

Jeremy Soul, 26, was born in London and lives in Sweden but made a name for himself around the world as creator of the Love Systems Day Game Workshop and author of the forthcoming book, Daytime Dating.

Mr. Soul, whose Sydney stay was extended due to the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, specialises in "daytime dating."

"Women in a nightclub have their guard up, but if you approach someone in the daytime, the rules are different," he said.

"You get to a person’s core much quicker when the environment is different."

A dating coach, Mr. Soul said he had directly impacted the lives of "thousands of men and women" around the world through his live workshops, speeches, publications and products.

Mr. Soul claims to have helped men of all ages, backgrounds and professions to reclaim their masculinity, improve their sex lives, find high-quality girlfriends and reignite the passion in their relationships.

"I’ve coached people from all walks of life from 18-year-olds to men in their 70s," he said.

"The recurring theme is loneliness. Some men never had the right social development or contacts, others might be uncomfortable talking to women, while some have simply immersed themselves in their work and never gotten around to establishing a relationship."

Mr. Soul was voted the number one instructor at the Love Systems Super Conference in 2008.

He said "beautiful women could be found anywhere, any time and not just at night in bars and clubs."

His recipe for dating success is a method of bravado, brains and a business-like approach to dating.

"I draw inspiration from Taoist philosophy, business principles as well as authors such as Dale Carnegie and Ayn Rand," he said.

Mr. Soul rejects claims that Love Systems relies on scripts and fails to allow a man’s true personality to be exposed whilst meeting women.

"We give men the opening lines, particularly if they are not overly confident or lack self esteem," he said.

"This allows them to let their real self shine through."

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