April 15, 2013


The No-Fail Pickup Plan | Men's Fitness

Our 5-Step Guide For Getting The Girl You Want...Tonight


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Step 1: Master The Approach

Stop looking for that ultimate line. "Just catch her attention", says Nick Savoy, a dating expert and author of Magic Bullets. "You just want her interested in the next thing you're going to say to her."

Step 2: Avoid the Lull

This is where most guys hit a wall. " Never leave a conversation because you've run out of things to talk about,"Savoy says. At the very least, use something like "that's just like when..." to keep things moving. If you're feeling confident, try the "cold read "--tell her something about herself based on her appearance or mannerisms. Her reaction will open up a new avenue in the converation.

Step 3: The Reel In

"Confidence and humor are your biggest assets," Savoy says. Make her laugh. Take control of the conversation. Just don't overdo it. " You don't want to yank on the line as soon as you get a nibble,", he explains. "Women value what they have to work for. "

Step 4: Take It Outside

Now think logistics. Ditch loud, crowded surroundings for somewhere more intimate. " That's where you'll discover your shared interests," , Savoy says. "It's where you build a connection. "

Step 5: Keep the Night Alive

Avoid sudden separations, like an hour-long drive to your place in two cars. Give her a reason to come over-watching an old movie, for instance. But be careful: at this point, you should both know what you want, so don't try to trick her. You're both grown-ups.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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