October 22, 2009


Here’s How You Pick Up Women During the Day | Metro (Sweden)

Are you tired of drunk pick up? Meet Jeremy Soul, an expert at day game. Metro went with him around town.

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“Do you like brunettes or blondes? I already forgot,” says British Jeremy Soul, turning to two of his students. Jeremy works with the dating organization Love Systems, which markets seduction techniques. His specialty is so called “day game,” in which you flirt with women around the town during the day. Today they’re in Stockholm.

“The most important thing is to meet and talk to women in a way that they appreciate. If you’re not a club guy then you don’t have to pick up women in night clubs. I think it’s easier to talk to people on the street. It’s a more genuine conversation,” says Jeremy.

Suddenly one of the students stops in his tracks and rushes after a woman who just passed by. He taps her on the shoulder and delivers his line.

“It looks good; he’s more confident than before. Can you see her tossing her hair? That’s a good sign,” says Jeremy, who follows the pick up attempt from a distance.

Unfortunately, no phone number this time.

Just a few years ago Jeremy himself was a shy nerd who hardly even dared to look at a girl. Finally he got tired of it and got a handle on his life.

“It’s accepted to work out to get muscles but not to take control over one’s love life. We train people to become those charming and cool guys that you’ll find interesting. Is that really so weird?”

Is it okay if a girl tries to pick you up?

“I don’t mind but I prefer to do the picking up myself. I want to lead the conversation.”

5 Tips

  1. Appearance. Be mindful of what you wear and what it says about you.

  2. Start the conversation with a compliment. For instance: “I saw you passing by and I like your style.”

  3. Be interested. Find out who she is and what she does. Lead the conversation.

  4. Body language. Act confidently and don’t be afraid to touch the person you’re talking to.

  5. Get contact information to be able to meet later. Evenings are better suited for intimacy.

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