January 16, 2010


Jeremy Soul Tells a Swedish Newspaper That He Can Help Anyone Get a Girl

Major Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet interviews Jeremy Soul on his pick up and teaching techniques.

Helena Utter

Read the article in the original Swedish at Aftonbladet.

Today Jeremy Soul teaches the art of dating. As a school boy back in England he was very shy. “Only when I was 18 did I become able to talk to girls. Now I think of it as any other skill. Just like you can go to a gym to get stronger, you can train your social ability.”

Jeremy Soul is a pickup pro

“A life companion or an amorous adventure – you can get what you want within six months.”

Jeremy Soul, 26, is an expert at dating, especially in the daytime.

“Not to be arrogant, but I can help all men – except those who aren’t ready to make a change.”

Jeremy Soul works for an American company arranging workshops and seminars where he teaches men to become “successful” with women.

“We teach the whole spectrum; it’s not at all just about getting laid. Some of our clients want a wife, others are virgins and have never been on a date, and some meet women but want to meet other types of women,” Jeremy Soul says.

Many advantages

His own specialty is “daytime dating” which may sound like a small niche. But according to Jeremy Soul it’s about finding new “hunting grounds.”

“The traditional way of getting together is through friends, at work or at clubs and bars. And that can be very limiting.”

There’s also another great advantage.

“You don’t have to go to a club, get drunk, bring someone home and then the next day be unsure of what you actually did. If you meet sober in the daytime you can have a genuine conversation that might lead on to become a great relationship,” Jeremy Soul says.

But don’t you risk getting looked at like some lunatic if you start hitting on someone in the subway?

“Sometimes you have to take a risk.”

How do you advise your clients to go about it?

“First you introduce yourself and get a conversation going. My personal favourite is to start out with a compliment. Sometimes it clicks and then you can ask to take her out,” Jeremy Soul says.

Made for men

It’s a special method, made for men, that he teaches. The basic idea is that men and women are different and that personal attributes and values are more important to women.

“Many men don’t understand that. They don’t know what to talk about. And that’s a big part of my method – that men learn to converse and thereby demonstrate their best qualities – without bragging and exaggerating,” Jeremy Soul says.

It’s also important that “men should be masculine.” They are the ones who are supposed to take the first step – and make sure that the next step is taken in a relationship.

“Even if men and women should be equal in power and influence, many women, especially in Sweden, want men to be more masculine. But in a gentlemanly way,” Jeremy Soul says.

Important to be honest

Being a pick up artist gives English Jeremy Soul the opportunity to travel and meet people. However, with women, his profession gets mixed reactions.

“Many get very interested and go ‘wow, cool!’ Some don’t really know what to say. And a third reaction is that of suspicion and wondering if they are part of some kind of experiment.

And that gets Jeremy Soul, who for a few months has been seeing a new woman, to one of his most important points.

“No matter what you’re looking for you should be honest and tell her about it.” 

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