March 03, 2010


FHM Studies the Science of Seduction with Professors Nick Savoy and Jeremy Soul

The major men's magazine devles into the mysteries of the brain to find out what makes men and women tick. Along the way they get some help from Love Systems' own Nick Savoy and Jeremy Soul.

No date this year?  Time you brushed up on your “womenthink.”  FHM's graphical analysis shows you what your brain is doing and how you can use scientifically-proven techniques to increase your success with women.

  1. Humour. FHM always plays hardball with women who claim to want a man with ‘a sense of humour’ and not money or killer abs. The truth is that girls are attracted to funny men – but not because underneath the endless feuds with work colleagues, chicks are all a good laugh really. “Being able to share laughter and induce it in others might seem frivolous, but it’s not,” says Nick Savoy of Love Systems dating. “It creates social bonds and triggers positive emotions.” Essentially, not only do funny men make women ‘feel good,’ they have that all-important social currency. Self-deprecating humour also implies status, as you’re confident enough to take the piss out of yourself.

  2. Names. Having a conventional name helps women attract more men. Girls called Sarah, Emma, Lucy, Kate and Laura received disproportionately more attention on noted dating site So go for girls with crazy names – they’re grateful, like fat ones. The most popular men’s names with women are Ben, Ed, Mark, Tom and Chris. Which sounds like a university hockey team.

  3. Height. For love to bloom, the ideal height of the male partner is four to five inches more than the female.

  4. Intimacy/secrets. Says Jeremy Soul, also from Love Systems: “Be careful how much you share if you’re not looking for a partner. The emotional mechanism for falling in love involves revealing your feelings to each other. York-based psychologist Professor Arthur Arun conducted a study where he made complete strangers swap intimate details of their lives for 30 minutes. Many reported a strong attraction to each other afterwards and two even got married.”

  5. Sex. And at last, science can make women into wanton lionesses begging for sex. Well, it can amplify the sensation in the G-spot. Knightsbridge Laser Clinic’s Doctor Eltohamy is championing a technique where she injects collagen into the ellusive magic button, enlarging it to the size of a fifty pence piece. 87% of hungry chicks who’ve had the op “reported increased sexual pleasure.” 

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