December 16, 2013


The Holiday PickUp: Meet Women on the Road


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Some guys have their best success with women while traveling. Others never meet anyone. Like most things in the dating world, the men who succeed are the ones who know the right things to do and then get off their butts to go do them. To be a winner in love when you’re off traveling, try these four tips:


Ask your friends if they know anyone who lives wherever you’re going. Do a search of your address book, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on—you can search your friends (or even your friends’ friends) by city. Maybe you’ll meet a great girl that way, but even if you don’t, odds are that you’ll meet some great people who can take you to cool places and introduce you to interesting people. And, as we mentioned in an earlier column, you’re more likely to meet women when you already have women with you.

Want to take this a step further? Set up an online dating profile for the city you’re going to.


Whether you’re traveling by bus, train or airplane, put away Angry Birds for a minute and look around you. There are usually plenty of opportunities to meet women before, during and after getting on board. It’s easy to start conversations by asking questions about the places you’re heading. If you have chemistry with the person you’re chatting with, it’s natural for either of you to suggest that she show you around or that you meet up at that fun restaurant she’s telling you about.


As a traveler, you have an excuse to start talking to anyone—so take advantage of that fact! Ask for directions. Get recommendations. Tell people you’re just visiting and ask for their favorite restaurant or bar or thing to do in their city. Don’t just stick to store clerks, hotel concierges and people at tourist spots who give advice to travelers all day. Ask women at coffee shops, malls, on the street, wherever you happen to go. (At Love Systems we call this Day Game.)

Especially when you’re traveling, you have nothing to lose.


Other travelers will probably be eager to meet you and are generally easy to approach—just go to a tourist spot or hotel bar, find a woman you’d like to meet and ask her where she’s from. Then you can trade notes on what you’ve seen and haven’t seen and go sightseeing together.

If you’re young and part of the backpacking crowd, youth hostels are an insanely good way to meet other travelers to go out with. You can explore the city together, and it’s easy to make something happen when you’re both staying at the same place.


A lot of men do better with women when they’re traveling. It generally has nothing to do with how bad their home city is for meeting women and everything to do with how they act. When you’re traveling, you’re usually going to more new places, open to new experiences and happy to meet and talk to random people. Chilling out in your hotel or on your friend’s couch usually isn’t that exciting, so you’ll force yourself to go out and find things to do and people to meet. And then once you’ve had some success, the placebo effect takes over.

There’s nothing stopping you from bringing your “away game” success to your hometown. Start conversations with strangers. Use some basic Love Systems techniques. Be open to new experiences. And enjoy your success!

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