June 14, 2012


Savoy on Summertime Lovin' in FHM Online Magazine

As summer heats up, you may wonder where all the hotties have gone. Thankfully FHM is here with professional pick-up artist and dating coach Savoy to teach you how to find and pick-up beautiful women at this summer’s hottest locals. Follow his tips and you won’t have to ask your hairy friend to rub suntan lotion on your back anymore.

The Beach

This may be the ultimate summer destination for the beautiful. Always have an activity planned before you hit the sand. Whether its beach volleyball or Frisbee golf, you should pick something you can invite others to join in on (i.e. bored girls). Remember, they key is to be fun spot on the beach and have people gravitate towards you. At all costs, avoid being the guy laying on his towel and scoping the scene; this will come off as 'creepy' and make you look desperate. If you have to go alone, bring a book or a bag and ask some nearby women to keep an eye on it while you take a dip in the ocean. When you come back, thank them and start a conversation. Plan ahead and have a fun party or event going on that night, so you have somewhere to invite people to later.

Hot Spots: Manhattan Beach in L.A., and of course, South Beach in Miami.

Wet Bars

Don't know what this is? Try the summer madness that ensues as Las Vegas hotels turn their poolsides into full blown hedonistic playgrounds. To work your game at a spot like this, you must walk in with girls in hand. Remember, women like men who are the object of another women's affection! To make sure you're not walking in empty handed, begin gaming women in the casino as you walk over to the pool area. Or better still, plan your trip with beautiful women who are just friends. Don't have any? Try following our techniques the next time you're at a club but don't pull the trigger. It will drive women nuts why you don't close the deal once they are attracted to you, and you'll have friends who will make you look good in any situation.

Hot Spots: Wet Republic at the MGM, Rehab at the Hard Rock, and VooDoo at the Rio.

The Mall

What do beautiful women like to do when it's hot outside? Walk around the mall looking for clothes that'll keep them cool of course! This is where fashion comes into play. The mall is a great place for "instant dates" - when you meet someone interesting you can go shopping with her, grab a bite, take cheesy photos of yourselves, or pretend to be clueless tourists and ask people silly questions. ("Conspiracies" like that are a great way to build a connection). It's easy to approach women in the mall - tell them you are buying a present for your kid sister, niece, god-daughter, or whatever, and ask their advice about something. And just like going to the beach, think about what plans or parties you can invite women to later. Sometimes you can't separate a hot girl from her friends while they're shopping, but she'll come out to meet you at the trendy beach bar later.

The Gym

Women love to workout in preparation for the summer, as well as during the summer to keep their beach or pool shape. The hottest women at the gym tend to be wearing iPods, but that doesn't mean you can't approach (LoveSystems is targeted at 9s and 10s). If you have something to say, walk over and say it. She'll take off her headphones to talk to you if you don't slink away. You can even reverse the frame on her and ask whether the iPod works, since you used to wear one at the gym but women would approach you anyway. At the gym, you're not going to have a ton of time to work - create some attraction quickly by teasing her about her routine (accuse her of copying yours) or how every part of her gym outfit does or doesn't match, and then arrange an instant-date or phone number exchange quickly. In real life, attraction doesn't work anything like in the movies. Women are generally attracted to guys who are confident and who tease them a little bit. If you don't find yourself getting the hang of it after a few approaches, think of her as your bratty little sister. In the Love Systems Routines Manual we have hundreds of word-for-word scripts that top pickup artists around the world use for meeting and attracting women.

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