September 29, 2008


5.0 Meets The Streets

Love Systems has the best dating coaches in the world.

Our instructors have taught almost every demographic you could imagine – we've even had devout feminists and other skeptics attend our programs and exclaim surprise at how effective they found them to be. The list of our clients extends to celebrities and society's elite. In this video, one of our top UK dating coaches 5.0 trains hip-hop band, The Streets, in the art of pick up and day game.

Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem from the band have both been with scores of beautiful women and regularly party at London's best clubs. But if you put them on a street and ask them to cold approach a beautiful woman they don't know, can they do it? Find out what happened when 5.0 gave them a lesson in dating science and day game.

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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