January 25, 2010


100% Social Proof

By 5.0

One of the new sessions at this year's Super Conference was on “100% Social Proof.” It was led by “5.0” – the guy who literally trains rock stars to pick up women on British TV. He was doing an online Q&A the other day, and he gave a preview into what this all means:

Q. What does 100% Social Proof mean?

5.0: It’s a bit of a play on words – but it reflects something that is so important - social proofing a venue. This is really important if it’s your first time going somewhere and you don’t know anyone. It’s fine to do that, but you can’t look like you don’t know anyone. But, I’m also going to be talking about using social proof to create a buzz about yourself at your regular haunts, which is usually a better long-term strategy.

Q. Start us off. What are some tips guys can use right away?

5.0: First, you have to get in the door. As guys, the odds are stacked against us – women are the “currency” of these venues.

One of the fun things about being a Love Systems instructor is you HAVE to get good at getting into high-end clubs. Sometimes we might have 10 students on a bootcamp, 5-6 instructors, and a couple of instructors-in-training. These skills are handed down from instructor to instructor and are as precious as any routine.

Obviously, we can’t cover all of that right now, but here’s a start: don’t mess up the basics. Arrive early, sober, and well dressed and DONT linger outside the club. Walk straight to the line - bouncers have to deal with keeping the pavements/roads clear. Little things like that matter.

Talk to the bouncers, but don’t try to “game” them. Just like the hot girls inside, bouncers have been approached thousands of times by guys looking to get somewhere. But, unlike hot girls, bouncers have a job to do. Engage them first, and offer to help make their life easier, e.g. "Hey man, do you need to see my ID...?" as you take out your wallet to hand it to him.

The best thing is to go to the club and have women with you. Hit a bar close to the club beforehand and try to bounce over some girls. Failing that, at least try to talk to some in the line as you’re waiting. DON’T mention going in with them; just let the bouncers assume you’re all together.

Q. Okay, so you’re inside. Can you share a tip or routine for building social proof?

5.0: Alright, here’s a quick and easy one you can use tonight.

As soon as you walk into a bar, talk to someone, anyone. Say anything, but make sure it’s quick and doesn’t require a lot of effort on the part of the person to respond. Even something functional like “when does this place close?” or “where are the bathrooms?” works, since anyone will answer those.

Make sure you’re smiling, and shake guys’ hands as you leave and introduce yourself. Now you’ve broken the ice, and if they’re with any women you want to meet later, you have an easy introduction.

More importantly, everyone else thinks you know them. Do this a few times and you’ll look like the guy who knows everyone. That makes women curious about you.

Social status is one of the eight attraction switches (the book Magic Bullets has a great chapter on this).

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Nick Savoy


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