August 17, 2010


Hot Women on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Subscribers to the interview series have already got this... ”Future” – voted the #1 pick up artist of the year in 2009 - revealed his special techniques for picking up beautiful women on subways, buses, airplanes, and so on.

I’m not going to try to steal Future’s thunder – a tall order even if I tried – but when listening to the interview, I definitely found myself both nodding my head and taking notes as Future (and Pendrixx) dished some of their tips.

I wanted to add a couple Big Rules of mine for picking up women on buses, planes, etc. These are a couple of general rules – the interview itself is full of the specific tactics and techniques that you’d use.

  1. (Logistics) Sit or stand near her right away – this isn’t a nightclub where you have 4 hours to arrange to talk to her. On a bus or plane people sit somewhere and then get off at their stop. So, even if it doesn’t look cool, even if it telegraphs too much interest right away, go ahead and sit beside her anyway. Even if there other empty seats.

  2. Have her “go first” – If you’re on a subway, find out where’s she going and then “spontaneously” realize that you’re getting off at or near her stop too, so why not grab a quick cup of coffee and continue this conversation? It’s far less awkward than telling her you’re going somewhere, learning that she’s going somewhere miles away, and then telling her you’ll change your plans.

  3. Be conscious of time – On a subway or bus, her trip could end any time. Don’t waste time with long stories or long routines. Even on an airplane, if you wait too long she might have her eyes closed and headphones on the next time you turn to talk to her. Use the Love Systems Triad Model as your guide and get to where you need to be emotionally and logistically as quickly as possible. Especially logistically, look for “hooks” early on that will let you contact her again if your conversation gets interrupted – things like where she works or her Facebook page.

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Nick Savoy


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