October 25, 2010


Seven Instant Dating Tips - Use These Right Away!

1. On Identity

You cannot keep an exceptionally beautiful woman interested in you for very long unless you have a coherent, convincing identity. This identity has to be interesting and attractive to her, but also compatible with who you really are. (Source)

2. On Voicemail

Don’t leave voicemails unless you’ve had a few dates already. If she doesn’t answer and you need to leave a message, send a text/SMS. There’s nothing fun or flirty about returning a voicemail -- voicemails are for business, bills, and guys who don’t “get it.” (Source)

3. On Dates

Whenever possible, start the date at your place. Don’t hang around, just make it where you meet. If she has to drive over, then you know she’s coming home with you at the end of the night. At the very least to get her car. So no awkward questions about a “drive back with me for a nightcap/see my etchings/etc.” at the end of a date. 

4. On Threesomes

Threesomes are much easier than most guys think. With an open-minded woman, it’s all in the framing. Try “I want to share another woman with you” instead of “I want you to share me.” (Source)

For more on frames and frame control: www.lovesystems.com/audio/vol-5-frame-control-subcommunications-savoy-sinn

5. On Hair

Your haircut says a lot about you. Are you boring? Conservative? Fashionable? Too obsessed with your looks? Your hair needs to match both your identity and your face and body type. Some guys obsess over going to the gym (muscles she’ll never see unless she’s already attracted) and ignore their hair (a big part of her first impression of you). (Source)

6. On Body Language

Slow, controlled movements. Scurrying around, fidgeting, and being in a hurry are not sexy. Confident and deliberate movements are. As body language expert Cajun put it, “move like you would move if you were under water.” (Source)

7. On Jealousy

Attractive women will always have other men interested in them. Many attractive women love to flirt. If she’s not your girlfriend yet and you let her make you jealous, you’re going nowhere with her. You’ve just told her you’re not used to attractive women and that she has more options than you do. That might be attractive in theory to her, but not in practice. (Source)

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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