November 08, 2010


Top Pick Up Artists of 2010

Every year there are “Top Ten” lists of the best pick up artists and dating coaches in the world. Two years ago everyone agreed it was Jeremy Soul, the King of “Day Game”. Last year he fell to #2, when Future exploded back onto the scene with his contributions to high-energy game, same-night lays, sexual framing, and, of course, Breakthrough Comfort, that captured most people’s imagination.

A guy like me could start to get a complex, being dethroned for a few years in a row after being #1 for so long. But I can deal with it, because I’m just that awesome these guys are building on my system, and, more importantly, because they actually deserve it. And I used all my Love Systems skills to get the girl I wanted, so I’ve been “Relationship Guy” for a little while now.

Based on literally over a thousand ballots, here’s this year’s Top 5:

#5 – Keychain

Keychain | Dating Coach | Love Systems

Not especially tall or classically good-looking, Keychain uses a razor-sharp knowledge of Love Systems, especially rapid escalation. His pick ups are legendary and have been documented by journalists all over Europe (Source). A consistent feature of the Top-5 the past couple years.

Learn more about Keychain here


#4 – Cajun

Cajun | Dating Coach | Love Systems

A long-time legend, and a consistent feature of the top-5 lists for the last three years. It’s easy to look good in video picking up women if you do enough takes and only keep the ones that look good. This is why we use “infield video” to illustrate specific techniques, not because it proves anything.

But Cajun is famous for something else – he went on a pickup competition show without retakes, without do-overs, and without producers who cared whether he looked good. Judge for yourself here:

Since then Cajun has gone from strength to strength. He was another major contributor for the Beyond Words Body Language and Physical Escalation Home Study Course and is the author of the wildly popular Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating.

Learn more about Cajun here

#3 – Future

Future | Dating Coach | Love Systems

Last year’s #1, and still The Man. Inventor of the powerful Breakthrough Comfort seminar – the only seminar which has its own warning label: “This material WILL make her fall in love with you. Use wisely.”

Learn more about Future here


#2 – Braddock

Braddock | Dating Coach | Love Systems

Not too many people get invited by Tyra Banks to prove their amazing pick up techniques on live TV, but Braddock was. And in one of the hardest situations imaginable – train a guy for only a couple hours, not be allowed to change his deliberately geeky clothes, and then send him into a public park in the middle of the day to pick up women – he blew everyone away.

Learn more about Braddock here


#1 – Vercetti

Vercetti | Dating Coach | Love Systems

Wait, who?

Insiders know Vercetti from his amazing bootcamp reviews, and, especially, his masterful performance on the Beyond Words Home Study Course, co-starring with Cajun. As a professional actor, he is a master of using facial expression, physical space, and sub-communication to convey exactly the right emotions at the right time. But he’s much more than a “body language” guy. His inner game material at the last SuperConference got a standing ovation.

And unlike previous years (last year the ballots were tied until we did a recount), this year the #1 balloting wasn’t even close. Everyone is going to be hearing a lot more Vercetti in 2011.

Learn more about Vercetti here

If you’ve worked with any of these guys or been helped by their writings, interviews, or videos, feel free to congratulate them – on any of their bio pages (the “learn from/about so-and-so” links after each guy’s short bio) you can send them a note directly.

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