January 04, 2016


Why You Should Meet Women In The Daytime

This is the first in a 6 part series to get you approaching beautiful women in the daytime, and hopefully getting into conversations that lead to phone numbers and dates.

In this first article, I’m going to discuss some general mindsets and reasons you should meet women in the daytime.

  1. Builds Strong Core Confidence

    Unlike a bar or a nightclub very few people are actually capable, in the cold light of day, to walk up to an attractive women and strike up a conversation. When that typical Dutch courage is not around, guys often find it much more difficult to approach.

    Approaching takes a lot of courage to do so and women recognize this. You’ll gain extra bonus points and attraction straight away if you can approach women well.

    Approaching also builds a lot of confidence. If you can approach women in the daytime then there is no situation where you can’t approach beautiful women.

    Every time you approach, you’ll be building a bit more confidence. Naturally, the more you approach the more success you’ll have too. The more success you have the more confidence you’ll build. The basic premise is that you should be out there approaching and building up that confidence you get from being the guy who goes after what he wants.

  2. Girls Want To Meet Guys In The Daytime

    To quote the movie Hitch, ‘no woman wakes up saying, “God, I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today!”’

    Women want to meet guys and they want to meet them serendipitously in their day-to-day lives. They’re looking to meet that attractive and confident guy who has what it takes to approach her and strike up a conversation.

    That guy can be you.

    It’s fun to meet women in these different situations and the opportunities become endless. That attractive woman you saw walking down the street, or that cute barista at the coffee shop could be a great new relationship that you can both explore. So be the attractive guy they’re looking for and start approaching.

  3. Meet A Wider Range Of Women – The Types You Want!

    In the daytime you will find yourself meeting a much wider range of women than you might in bars and clubs. Since there are some many different places to meet women during the day, you’ll naturally come across a multitude of different types of women. From girls who are healthy conscious and like to stay active, busy career oriented women, and many other types, not all these women may necessarily be found in the bars and clubs. The daytime is your chance to meet the type of women you’re looking for.

  4. Lead Your Normal Life – And Meet Women In The Process

    A lot of clients I teach on workshops are the kind of guys who either don’t like clubs and bars, or simply don’t have the time in their life to be dedicating lots of hours going to bars to meet women. For these guys, meeting women in the daytime naturally makes sense.

    Your opportunities are endless. Women are naturally everywhere. They’re on the streets, in the malls, getting coffee, in the supermarket, the parks, etc. The great thing about meeting women in the daytime is that you don’t need to dedicate time to going to a bar or club, you can just be going about your day to day life and meet the attractive women you see along the way.

I’m sure you’ll agree these are some great reasons to start meeting women in the daytime. Let’s now look at some mindsets to keep in mind to help you take that leap of courage and start approaching those attractive women you see every day.

  1. Anything Is Possible

    You have to realize that the same possibilities that are available to you in bars and clubs are available to you in the daytime. A lot of guys don’t even realize what is possible, and this is why they don’t approach. There is nothing stopping you striking up a conversation with an attractive woman you see during the day and have that lead into a great relationship, of whatever type you want.

    As we’ve discovered above, women want to meet guys during the day, so realize what’s possible and start getting out there and having fun!

  2. Challenge Your Assumptions

    Anxiety and nerves surrounding the idea of talking to an attractive woman in the daytime can bring up a whole host of assumptions we make to avoid taking action and going after what we want. Guys will come up with a myriad of assumptions when they see an attractive woman and perhaps you’ve done this yourself.

    Some common ones might be:

    • “She looks busy”
    • “She doesn’t look like she wants to talk to anyone”
    • “She looks like she’s in a rush”
    • “I’m too busy right now”
    • And many, many more!

    The key is not to let your assumptions take over you. You’ve no idea if that attractive woman is really busy, or if she doesn’t want to talk to anyone, or whatever other assumption you’ve decided is true. Instead of making such assumptions, go and directly challenge these by approaching and finding out. Perhaps she might be busy, but perhaps she’s over the moon that you approached her and is excited to talk to you and better yet, go on a date with you!

    There’s only one way to find out, and that’s not by making assumptions. Challenge your assumptions, approach her and find out what the real story is!

  3. Be The Guy Who Goes For What He Wants

    Approaching women during the day builds a lot of confidence. You want to be the guy that takes action and goes for the things he wants.

    I recommend guys start by approaching the first attractive girl that catches their eye every day. This forms a habit of approaching and you will soon become a man of action who has the confidence to go for what he wants. Women will soon recognize this.

    Become the guy that takes action and goes after what he wants. When you see attractive women, start building that habit and approach. At first it will be challenging and take a bit of work. Overtime you will flip a switch and instead of having to force yourself to take action and approach, you’ll have become the guy who naturally approaches attractive women that catch his eye. At that point, meeting women in the daytime can become effortless. It’s a great place to be and becomes very freeing.

In the next article, we’ll explore what traits make up an attractive guy and how we can look to become more attractive to women.

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