August 04, 2014


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If you’re not currently using your social media to gain an edge in your dating life, you’re fighting with one arm tied behind your back. Men who know what they’re doing online have a huge advantage over their peers (read: competition), and the gap is only going to widen as more ­services and apps are released. These simple social-media dating tips will help boost your game—without you coming off as a weird, app-obsessed geekhead.

Women you meet will often ask if you have Facebook, or they’ll just look for your profile when they get home—and they will make judgments about you based on what they see on your page. It’s much better to tell a woman you don’t have a profile than to add her to a page where your three friends are posting photos from last year’s Warcraft III LAN party. Keep your page private until it’s ready to be seen.

From Instagram to Facebook photos, you want to tell a story about yourself: If you’re a skier, have photos of yourself skiing; and if you have cool friends, have photos of yourself out with them doing interesting things. There should be attractive women in some photos, but not so many or so obvious that it looks deliberate.

While some things on your page are fine for everyone to see, others might be great for the women you’re interested in dating but not professional contacts, and vice versa. Facebook allows you to sort your friends into groups (without their knowing) and then decide which groups get to see which updates. Do this.

A Twitter account shows women that you’re interested in staying current. In general, think funny or interesting pictures and quick comments; it’s not the place to discuss or debate. When an interesting woman is following you, you can direct message her privately.

Foursquare is about locations, so it’s great if you tend to frequent the same (nice) places. You can get into playful fights with women about who is the real “mayor” of your local hot spot. And the two of you will automatically have an obvious place to meet. 

A conversation at a bar often starts with her looking over and catching your eye. You look back, she smiles, and then you approach. Connecting on social media can work the same way, except the look is a post and the smile is a comment or “like.” These are low-investment things to do once in a while to get on the on-ramp to a conversation with someone you’re into.

Don’t try too hard with the status updates, detailed bios, or commenting on and liking everything that goes by. You don’t want women to think of you as “the guy who is always on Facebook” or, worse, “the guy who stalks me on Facebook.” Nick Savoy is the president of Love Systems, a method for men to meet and attract beautiful women. Love Systems offers books, DVDs, and live training in bars, clubs, and malls.

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