November 09, 2015


15 Things A Single Man Should Never Do

There’s a lot of buzz about all of the new material and shortcuts that Love Systems is rolling out to meet and attract more women (especially so-called “9s and 10s”). But to make the most of the new material, you’ve got to understand the fundamentals. So I’m giving you 15 things that a single man should never do. Most should be obvious, but if you catch yourself doing any of these, watch out. These are beginner-level issues and there are about 150 more of these. If you do two or more, get in touch — we’ll need to do an intervention.

15 Things a Single Man Should Never Do

  1. Say “I love you” first.
  2. Fidget, shuffle, or fail to hold eye contact.
  3. Talk about any ex-girlfriend more than a little bit, or say anything negative about her.
  4. Complain about being single or about the dating market in your area.
  5. Buy a boat (okay, that has nothing to do with being single. It’s just a terrible investment when you consider all the maintenance costs.)
  6. Date women you’re not attracted to. This will kill your motivation.
  7. Go to strip clubs (as a lap dance customer – using ‘stripper game’ is a different story), escorts, or watch porn. These activities will warp your instincts, hurt your inner game, and suck away your energy level.
  8. Make an excuse not to approach a woman. Be social!
  9. Try to solve a woman’s problems or play therapist for her unless she specifically asks for help.
  10. Say or imply anything judgmental about any woman’s sexual behavior (not just the woman you’re talking to).
  11. Live somewhere that looks like a teenager’s bedroom. Save the sports posters, centerfolds, and motivational quotes for your scrapbook.
  12. Send flowers (Unless it’s to your mom or some other non-romantic purpose).
  13. Stay home alone more than three nights per week.
  14. Ask if you and her are boyfriend/girlfriend. (There’s one exception to this – if you’ve been ‘seeing each other’ at least once per week for months and she hasn’t said anything.)
  15. Focus your attention on one woman. This is probably the most important of the 15. If you’re single and only pursuing one woman, it’s very hard to get your instincts and sub-communications right. It’s strange, but you have a much better chance of attracting the woman you want if you find more than one woman to be interested in.


Body Language – the silent killer

Look, when you make a mistake like one of these 15, it’s usually obvious. But there are also issues like body language, which is more of a silent killer of attraction. You can be doing virtually everything right with a woman and still have it crash down around you because of body language issues. Or, you can see a guy who doesn’t seem to be saying or doing anything special, and women are eating out of his hand. It’s body language. Next Monday (Nov 16) I’m going to release a special interview with Love Systems’ instructor Hootie where we really dive into – and solve – some of the biggest body language challenges that hold men back.

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