November 16, 2015


Body Language Secrets

I just recorded a 10-15 minute video with Hootie -- one of the world's top experts in body language and attraction. Why body language? Because women become attracted based on how you carry yourself much more than on what you say. Good body language conveys power, masculinity, and sexuality.

Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to evaluate your own body language; you need an expert. But there are some patterns I've seen from 15 years of experience as a dating coach and over 10,000 in-person clients: If you get women saying “let's just be friends” or if women take you for granted socially (they'll text but not meet up, or they'll flake or won't make firm plans) or if you feel like hotter women aren't really even giving you a chance when you approach… I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that body language is at least a big part of the reason why.

My interview with Hootie (and especially the body language lessons and training videos he's sending to his subscribers next week) will help. Click to watch our interview below, and take the chance to subscribe to Hootie's launch list to get:

  • His three body language lessons and training videos next week.
  • A very limited time discount on his new book, Body Talk.
  • And a launch promotion we've never done as a company – only available to insiders on Hootie's launch list!

Hootie's been in the studio shooting the body language lessons this week, and he's very excited to share them with his subscribers to give them a preview of what he's included in his new book, Body Talk.

Don't miss out! I strongly recommend you subscribe to Hootie's launch list on the video page, since I won’t be sending any of these body language lessons and training videos to this main Love Systems’ list. (I assume that if you want the free training videos that you’ll sign up for them and if you don’t, you won’t).



P.S.  Don’t forget to go to Love Systems to see the free Body Language video. When you’re on that page, it’s important to sign up with your name and email to get all of the body language training videos – also free – that we’re producing next week.  We can only do cool stuff like this once in a while, so be sure to take advantage.  -NS

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Bill Quaintance
Bill Quaintance


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