October 27, 2015


The real trick to meeting women on Halloween

With the possible exception of New Year’s Eve, Halloween is the most important day for meeting women – no matter what your age.  Even women who don’t normally go out will be celebrating.  And what’s more - Halloween has become so sexualized that meeting and attracting men will on every woman’s mind.

NEWSFLASH: Most of the time, no one is going to care about the “quality” or “cleverness” or “accuracy” of your costume.

(Exceptions: a small house party or you’re planning on entering a costume contest).

The three things that DO matter are:

1 – How you look in it. Women are very conscious of this when it comes to Halloween costumes, and there’s no reason for men not to.  If you’ve got a nice body, find a costume that gives you an excuse to show it off, and particularly shows off your best features.  If you don’t, wear something that makes you look interesting (read on for how).  

2 – Associations and stereotypes.  You can be anything you want on Halloween.  So don’t be anything that brings out negative associations, even in costume (e.g., don’t be a ‘nerd’ or ‘lovable loser’ TV or movie character).  Be something cool or sexy – a racecar driver, a pimp, Hugh Heffner, fireman, cop (women love a man in uniform, just don’t look too gay in either of the last two of these), pilot, James Dean, whatever.  Even though she knows that costumes aren’t real, the part of her brain that sends and receive mating signals does not.  So use this “glitch in the matrix” to your advantage.

3 – How it helps you meet women.  Give women an excuse to talk to you.  If you’re Hugh Hefner and she’s a Playboy Bunny, you have obvious role play opportunities.  If you’ve got a controversial costume, she might ask about it.  If you’ve got shiny things or dangling objects (especially candy or chocolate), even better.  In general, the shinier and more attention your costume commands, the more attention you will get from women.


What to do

  • Use costume-driven roleplay to start and escalate conversations and create callback humor

  • Playfully misinterpret her costume.  If she’s dressed as an astronaut, guess that she’s a “sexy nurse”.  If she’s a sexy nurse, guess mortician.  

  • Go sexual.  Hallowe’en is one of the most sexualized nights of the year.  If you spend the night as a “talking head” you’re probably on the express lane to Let’s Just Be Friends

  • Get your logistics right.  There will be a million parties and events going on, so there should always be an excuse to take a woman somewhere else (e.g., you meet her at one party and take her to another party or event as a bridge toward taking her home).

What not to do

  • If your costume takes more than 10 seconds to explain, it’s too obscure or too complicated.

  • Don’t dress in any kind of group costume or organize a theme with your friends.  You won’t stand out, and you’ll feel silly when you’re talking 1-1 with a girl.

  • Unless you have solid game, don’t wear anything with a mask.  It’s really hard to attract someone when they can’t see your face or eyes.

  • Don’t talk about other costume ideas you had, what you wore last year, or what you were going to do this year before you ran out of time.  There’s no woman in the world who will be thinking “I’m not all that attracted to him but he sounds like he’d be 100% sexy in that other outfit he’s describing so I’m going to stick around.”  It just projects insecurity and lack of confidence.

Most of all…have fun!  The guy who isn’t having fun on Halloween is not attracting women, or accomplishing anything really.  You’re a grown-up in a silly costume.  That has to come with a smile.

Nick (Savoy)

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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