September 30, 2015


10 Dating "Hacks" to get her to come home with you

You can have the best game in the world, but if you don't know how to close, most of your efforts will be wasted. Whether you're at a bar, a party, or on a date, don't be the guy who does everything right until you stumble and lose everything on the finish line.

10 Dating Hacks to Get Her to Come Home With You

    1. At some point, ask "do you like champagne?" No woman in the world will say no to that. When she says say, "OK, let's go" and lead her.
    2. Plan your dates so that the last place you go to is near your place anyway.
    3. "Seed" the conversation early on. Mention something awesome back at your place - a book, the view, something you've talked about - so you have an 'excuse' to invite her home.
    4. Go out without your car. When you meet someone cool, ask her if she'd mind giving you a lift home.
    5. Go out without your car. Toward the end of the night have your wingman come up to the woman you're talking to, claim an emergency, and ask if she can give you a ride home instead.
    6. Have the date start at your place. Get her (playfully) to leave her purse or phone or something, so you have to go back at the end of the night.
    7. Have the date start at your place if she's driving. Then leave (not in her car). Now you have to end up back there. When you day, act as if she's asked if she can come in. "Okay you can come in for a minute, but I'm going to kick you out in a few because I have to work tomorrow.
    8. If you're at a bar, ask her what she's doing "later". Tell her you're going to an afterparty. Bring her home. If she objects, tell her you just need to get your ID / change of clothes / etc.
    9. When you're taking her home, talk constantly. Occupy her mind so she isn't focused on the 10,000 reasons why she "shouldn't" go home with you or have sex with you.
    10. If and when she says, "we're not going to have sex" don't argue. Ignore it or say "cool" and keep leading her home. No will always mean no, but lots of women say something like this before they go home with a man even if they do want to have sex.

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