March 21, 2014


Labyrinth responds to the Huffington Post

Ever since that Psychology Today endorsement of Love Systems, things have been blowing up around here.  I was on the Huffington Post podcast a little while ago, and then they came out with an article that got the attention our London-based Love Systems expert “Labyrinth.”

Hey guys, it’s Labyrinth here, I know I know it has been a while, so I apologise for going off the grid for the last few months.

Anyway, I came across a very good article, and I wanted to share it with you. If you have not read it yet, I encourage you to read it right away.

The reason why I read this article attentively was because I received it from one of my most respected ex-girlfriends. She’s a model from Germany with a PHD in Psychology whom I personally learned a ton from. I know what you’re thinking - what a catch right?! Anyway her story is for another time.

One thing that stood out in this article was the approach the author chose to write it with. In other words, the shades of imagination used to deliver it through beautiful words, made me relate it to Love Systems.

In the world of dating and seduction, how you deliver your story and intentions has a monumental effect on the result of the interaction, inevitably of the seduction.

The second thing that stands out in this article is the battle between ego and modesty we face every moment of every day in our subconscious mind. The battle that hiders or helps our opportunities every day, and in this article it is eloquently expressed.

The skill required to manage emotions and maintain a healthy balance between your ego and your modesty, my friends, is what game is all about - the emotional intelligence.

Additionally, Ego is one of the biggest hindering factors when you are trying to get better with women. We protect our ego at any cost. Which is an irony because there is no reward for protecting our ego, other than avoiding 'potential’ pain. But if you simply attack your ego, open your heart, and confidently do/say what you want from the place of giving, you are already a winner!

Anyway before I spoil it even further... onto the article:


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