June 01, 2015


Free Dating Tips Podcast

Some of the best Love Systems instructors (led by Hootie) have gotten together to produce a free podcast on iTunes. Check out the first five episodes here.

Here's just some of what you'll get out of the podcasts:

  • Episode 1 - Dan Wildcard and Hootie evaluate all the different ways to start a conversation with a woman and give their recommendations
  • Episode 3 - The 10 Commandments of power and masculinity
  • Episode 4 - Daniel Vercetti, the master of body language, explains why body language is important and some quick fixes you can make yourself
  • Episode 5 - Vici, the owner of Sports Food Nutrition, gives expert advice on weight loss, building muscle, and hidden dangers - mistakes most men make that they don't even realize.

Again, you can check out all 5 episodes here or on iTunes.

I'd really recommend you subscribe to the podcast. When you subscribe, you won't have to remember to check every week for new episodes - you'll just get them automatically.


To subscribe, when you get to the podcast page, click the blue "view in iTunes" button on the left hand side of the screen.

Then you'll get to a screen like the below, and you can click "subscribe" on the left.

For bonus points, click the down arrow beside the subscribe button and tell your friends.

And then finally - if you want to earn a free credit with us, leave reviews and talk about what you learned and the episodes you like best. To do that, just click "Ratings and Reviews" on the same page as above. (It's right beside "Details" which is shaded on the screenshot above).

If you do submit a review, be sure to let us know that you did, and your username, so we can be sure to thank you properly.

Enjoy the Podcast.

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