December 17, 2013


No Woman Is Out of Your League - Dialled In

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First rule of dating: No Woman is out of your league. If you act to a woman like she’s out of your league, she’ll believe you.

A beautiful woman doesn’t have time to get to know every man who is interested in her. So she’ll rely subconsciously on shortcuts. This is why personality traits like confidence are so important. She knows from experience that confident men often have a lot of good things going for them. They are often interesting, exciting men to spend time with.

In contrast, insecure men or men who kiss up them are often not that interesting in most women’s experience. So if you act like one of those guys, she will think you’re one of those guys, and she won’t give you a chance to prove her wrong.

So how do you show a woman that you’re confident and on her level?

  1. Be a challenge
    I know it’s hard to be a challenge to a woman when you’re really into her. Act as if you have a dozen other girls in your life who are equally awesome. Don’t verbalize this to her, of course, but make it part of your personality. Act like you’re a man with options. For example, don’t answer her every text lightning-fast. End the conversation first sometimes. Don’t get upset if plans fall through; if you really were a man with options, you’d just shrug and call someone else. She’ll come running back.
  2. Body language
    Women rely on your body language much more than on what you say. That’s how having powerful, confident body language is so crucial for attracting women and sexualizing your interactions.

    Follow Derek Cajun’s advice and “move like you’re moving under water”. That means slow, controlled movements.
    Click here for video clips of seduction body language and physical escalation in action.

  3. Tease her
    Tease her like you’d tease or joke around with your friends. Most beautiful women are starved for men who can just be normal and cool with her, who don’t put her on a pedestal or resent her.

    Teasing isn’t mean; don’t act like a jerk. Just relax and have fun – that’s what she wants you to do.

  4. Don’t be a tourist in her world
    So you’ve met a supermodel or a girl you’ve seen on TV. Don’t waste the opportunity by being an interviewer instead of a man. If she falls for you, there will be plenty of time to ask her questions later. The kind of guy she likes has been around hot women before, so this woman wouldn’t be such a new and fascinating shiny object.
  5. Have cool friends
    Women will perceive you as the sum of the five people you spend most of your time with – this is proven. Find cool people to go out with. If you’re having trouble with this, search for “Social Circle Mastery” posts on Or if you want it all broken down into easy step-by-step chunks, check out the Social Circle Mastery home study course. It’s only $297.

Inner Game

To be honest, most of the time she is not actually out of your league. Love Systems clients – even ones who started as the classic “40 year old virgin” types – have gone on to date actresses, models, even minor royalty. Being a man means that your personality and lifestyle are more important to most women than your looks alone. So if you change the way you act, you’ll change the way you are perceived.

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