February 11, 2011


Q&A With Nick Savoy - Transcript

A few days ago I did a live Q&A. With dozens of questions from guys about their dating life, specific situations (“what do I do if she does such-and-such”), etc., it ended up being over 9,000 words of hard-core, news-you-can-use dating advice.

Here are some of the first questions:

  1. “What was your "ah ha!" moment?”
  2. “What was your most memorable pickup and why?”
  3. “When approaching, I often feel very hesitant to open groups that seem very tight-knit, especially if they are having a great conversation by themselves... am I entirely wrong? How have you opened tight-knit groups?”
  4. “Day game with cold approaches seems the hardest for me. Do you have any general tips and tricks for these types of pickups beyond the ‘be confident’ and ‘don't be boring?’ Also, any preferred location types?”
  5. “Have you ever been able to apply these skills to making a long lasting relationship? If so, what would you say has ‘bridged’ the best?”
  6. “What happens if you move to a new city and don't know anyone; would you focus on friends or girls first?”
  7. “Was it intimidating to go on Dr. Phil and/or Tyra? Were you worried they were setting you up or did you confirm ahead of time they were gonna be cordial?”
  8. “What is the best way to combat approach anxiety? What is the best thing for beginners to work on?”
  9. “How do you go about choosing Love Systems instructors?”
  10. “If you want to use Love Systems just to get one traditional girlfriend situation how would you best go about doing this?”
  11. “Any tips for online dating?”

Click the link below to read all the answers as well as dozens more:

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Nick Savoy
Nick Savoy


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