November 19, 2010


Become a Player with Biskit on Canadian 109 Media

Want to learn the secrets of what REALLY goes on at the PUA bootcamps that everyone is talking about? This one is from Canadian TV on one of their national news shows.

It’s not quite as extensive as the ABC Primetime character assassination “news segment” from the 2010 Super Conference, but it’s a little more balanced.

The art of seduction is often lost in a culture split up by virtual communication and social media. While most interactions are managed by internet sites, rules for seduction have to be re-learned, especially in the real world where most men don't even know how to approach a woman in a bar or a café anymore. In the109  documentary "Love at All Costs" director Marie-Élaine Chénier watches Biskit, a Love Systems instructor, as he teaches eager young men how they too can be successful in love. 109, a news show on the influential Canadian Media outlet RDI, sits in on a Love Systems Francophone Bootcamp with Biskit.

Speaking of the ABC Nightline controversy, when I was looking for the link to the video I found this – there’s a very active Facebook page about whether Love Systems is ethical.
Check it out

And if you’re lost on what the whole ABC Nightline controversy is, watch the video and follow the discussion here:

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Nick Savoy


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