November 24, 2010


Seriously, what do you think about this?

Everyone’s talking about the top-ranked investigative news show ABC Primetime’s full-length analysis of Love Systems last week, on national prime-time TV across the USA. And it just gets bigger and more controversial by the day. If you missed it live, click the video below to watch it on Youtube:

It’s Wednesday morning now, and in the past 9 days since it aired, I’ve been swamped in emails and phone calls. People feel VERY strongly about this. Obviously, the mainstream media has its perspective. But I want to know what YOU think:

Go on. Speak up. Here are some of what’s come so far:

Email #1 "I am disgusted"

I am disgusted with what I learned about your organization on Primetime last night. You owe all women an apology. Women want the same things everyone wants. Treat me with respect, be polite, and get to know me as a person first. You don’t need any fancy techniques. Say hello, introduce yourself politely, and see where the conversation goes from there. You should not have an agenda when you meet someone.

[Name Removed]

Email #2: “I pity you”

I’ve seduced one woman in my life, and it was my wife on our wedding night. I am happier for it and I pity you. You say you are in love with your girlfriend but what will happen when she gets tired of your “Love Systems” or realizes she is just one of many?

[Name removed]

P.S. Why the focus on “beautiful” women? Beauty is shallow, what matter is the connection between two people.

Email #3 "I would be laughing at the haters"

Dear Mr. Savoy:

My name is [removed] and I just took a bootcamp in Charlotte, NC with Fader. I have also started following your "tweets" and read the ones about your hate mail. If I were in your shoes I would be laughing at the haters. That aside though, please know this: it was pure happenstance that I found out about Love Systems (Amazon recommended Magic Bullets to me and I bought it). I subsequently found out about your bootcamps and was ecstatic when I saw that there would be one in Charlotte.

I am very, very glad that I took the bootcamp and I am extremely pleased with Love Systems. I have a long way to go, but thanks to you and your products (ok, Fader too) at least I know where to begin and what I need to do.

Thank you very, very much!

Very truly yours,
[Name removed]

Email #4 “You are sick”

I lost my girlfriend of two years because of you. She had had a drink or two with friends and someone using your “Love Systems” (what a crock of sh*t) smooth-talked her and they had sex that night. I was crushed and he never even called her again. People like you should rot in hell.

Email #5: "Just like the book says"

On Monday night, I learned about you and Love Systems on TV.

Tuesday afternoon, I bought your book. Tuesday night, I nearly pulled my first all-nighter since college. I couldn’t stop reading. All of a sudden, every dating interaction, every situation in my past finally made sense.

Wednesday, I walked up to a girl I didn’t know in my office cafeteria, the kind of girl I would have written off as unavailable to me just last week. We talked, she has a boyfriend, but I was on cloud nine anyway.

Today I was waiting for a business associate for a lunch meeting at a fancy uptown restaurant. I flirted with the waitress. She’s 22 (I’m 38). She gave me her phone number, I called her the same day just like the book says, and we’re having dinner Saturday.

The best part about it? I know I can do this whenever I want now.

When your conference comes to Dallas, I will be the first one there.

[Name Removed]

Email #6: Post on The Attraction Forums

This is outrageous. I cannot believe that places like this exist and I had to see it for myself. The so-called "men" in this video are psychopathic, sociopathic and in need of help. The so-called "techniques" are mind control used to lure unsuspecting young women into bed. That's called RAPE.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


Email #7: "My friends call him the now"

To Love Systems - I have to share this with you. My fiancé and I were watching TV and we saw the show about you. He told me he read your book, and that’s how he had the moves to meet me way back when! My friends call him the now! Somehow, I feel I should say thank you!

[Name removed]

Email #8 “I was the guy on the show…”

Hey Nick,

I have a page in my goal setting journal entitled: “Well I never thought that would happen.” This page is a chronicle of breakthrough moments, synchronicity, and just about anything I would never have conceived possible.

Attending Super Conference: believable.

Being asked to participate in ABC shoot with the head of the company and two of the top dating coaches and pick up artists in the world: Well, I never thought that would have happened.

It would border on banality to simply string together superlatives to describe the Super Conference. Yes it was awesome, yes there were breakthrough moments and yes it was certainly fun and accommodating.

More importantly the why: for the majority of my life I have coached, taught, instructed etc. I routinely work with some of the top ski coaches on any mountain anywhere, and I have worked with some of the top strength coaches on the planet.

I expected the Love Systems coaches to be good; but I did not expect them to be as good as they were.

Take for example, Future. For the past eight months or so his voice has been in my head to and from work courtesy of the interview series. Working with him was priceless. The guy is absolutely world class with analysis, theory, and enthusiasm—on par with anyone else in any other industry.

The crew you have assembled understands that teaching Love Systems is not all about them — rather it is about the individuals in attendance who have left the confines of their comfort zones and simply want to get better. I think that most importantly the coaches were accessible. Therefore the attendees can make progress as they are receiving genuine feedback.

(Attend any sort of strength training symposium and you inevitably run up against the arrogant megalomaniac that is the performance enhancement industry. You leave feeling disillusioned and let down, like a kid who is saddened to find his sports idol callous, dismissive and surly when meeting him in person.)

It was also fascinating (though not particularly surprising) to see that the guys I talked with the most were the ones whose work on the interview series I find most valuable. I had a hunch this would be the case and as is the case with most hunches they turned out to be correct. Yourself, The Don, Future, Cajun and Tenmagnet are the guys I have learned the most from while driving to work each day. And at the Super Conference the guys who I talked with the most were you, The Don, Future, Cajun and Tenmagnet.

My goal in attending the Super Conference was to “get involved with Love Systems.” It was a generic goal born out of enthusiasm and curiosity and the feeling of “well, let’s see if I fit in with these guys.”

I am happy to say that I do.

Keep in touch,

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